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“Your Story” Episodes

Your Story Ep 72 : Stefan & Rocco. Metroccolis Redux – Passion, Success and Balancing Art with Business
Your Story Ep 71 : Juliane. Indie Film Support and Asian Production.
Your Story Ep 70 : Sophie Pt 2. Gender Change and Transition to a Woman.

Your Story Ep 69 : Sophie Pt 1. 25 years of a British Ex-Pat in Kreuzberg, Berlin.
Your Story Ep 68 : Sebastian. Re-Inventing Insurance using Social Networks
Your Story Ep 67 : Henry. Opportunity for a Young Person in Berlin
Your Story Ep 66 : Rainer. Electronic One Man Band on an Acoustic Guitar
Your Story Ep 65
: Charmaine. Food History, Writing and What You Don’t Know of Indian Food
Your Story Ep 64 : Mike Boyd. Entrepreneur’s Headspace and Giving Back
Your Story Ep 63 : Craig. Creating the Best Stove Top Espresso Machine from a Classic
Your Story Ep 62 : John & Cheryl. Helping the Children of Argentina through Tango
Your Story Ep 61 : Daryll. Performer and Teacher of the Art of Storytelling
Your Story Ep 60 : Lorelei. Gender Transition to a Woman

Your Story Ep 59 : Jane Teresa. Science and Dream Interpretation
Your Story Ep 58 : Adam. Joy of Family Back Home in Canada with a new Career as a PMD
Your Story Ep 57 : John. Writing, Work Ethic and Celebrity
Your Story Ep 56 : Sarah. Jazz Singing and Music
Your Story Ep 55 : Michael. Ghost Writing Your Story
Your Story Ep 54 : Ken. Domestic Solar to Grid Reality Check.
Your Story Ep 53 : Fabrizio y Celi – Buenos Aires, Travelling the World Teaching Tango
Your Story Ep 52 : University Accommodation on a Motorbike
Your Story Ep 51 : Earl. Security, Choices with a Gentle Touch
Your Story Ep 50 : Kate. Acting a Theatrical Life

Your Story Ep 49 : Gemma. Photography, Making it Work.
Your Story Ep 48 : Tiffany, Infidelity Investigator.
Your Story Ep 47 : Cliff. Food Allergies and Cancer Treatment from a Life in Science.
Your Story Ep 46 : Doug. C.S.Lewis, Narnia, Film Making and Christianity.
Your Story Ep 45 : Chrissy. Mormonism, Music and Love in Australia.
Your Story Ep 44 : Frank. Gourmet Cookies, Financial Crisis and the Argentine Good Life.
Your Story Ep 43 : Deby. Tango and Living as a Local in Buenos Aires.
Your Story Ep 42 : Eric. Self Discovery, Freedom and Dr Ron Paul.
Your Story Ep 41 : Mike. Buenos Aires Ranching for a US Migrant.
Your Story Ep 40 : Grace. Prostitution – More than You Think.

Your Story Ep 39 : Patty. Funeral Photography, Web Cams and Radio Personality.
Your Story Ep 38 : Bernard. Ballroom Champion, ’60’s Rich and Famous and Alzheimer’s Loss.
Your Story Ep 37 : Tjupurru. Didjeribone, FaceBass Music and Heritage rediscovered.
Your Story Ep 36 : Chris. The Artist Life.
Your Story Ep 35 : Lucy and Willy. Swinging, Sport Sex, Emotional Pitfalls and The Lifestyle.
Your Story Ep 34 : Rachel. VibeWire. Support for Young Creatives.
Your Story Ep 33 : Gavin. Social Networking, Public Relations and Conversations.
Your Story Ep 32 : Andrew. Trash Video, Film Making and Filipino Search for Wang Wang.
Your Story Ep 31 : Martin. Fair Trade Coffee Roaster with Community Awareness
Your Story Ep 30 : David. Industrial Design, Street Furniture and Helping the Next Generation

Your Story Ep 29 : Stephanie. Vaccination, Health Education and Your Responsibility
Your Story Ep 28 : Colin. Eight Decades of European Life and Reflections Towards the Future.
Your Story Ep 27 : McConnie. Music, Performing to Conducting.
Your Story Ep 26 : Michael. Business and Life in Prague for a Canadian Migrant
Your Story Ep 25 : Adam. Prague, Czech History, Culture and Blending in.
Your Story Ep 24 : Linda. Podcasting Thesis, GDR Liberties Lost and Lessons for the Future.
Your Story Ep 23 : Rocco. Mime, Personal Robots and Amazing Berlin.
Your Story Ep 22 : Romy. Social Circus, Berlin, The Wall.
Your Story Ep 21 : What happened?
Your Story Ep 20 : Petra. Swiss Migrant, Australian Traveller, Author and Tango

Your Story Ep 19 : Timb. Professional Piercing and Body Modification Technician
Your Story Ep 18 : Mel. Tattoo, Scarification, Suspension and Body Modification
Your Story Ep 17 : Craig. Sidecars, Cafe Racers and Heavy Engineering.
Your Story Ep 16 : Claude Gillard. 50 Years of Parachuting and Skydiving the Early Days.
Your Story Ep 15 : Holly. Food, Macrobiotic, Nourish.
Your Story Ep 14 : Fiona. Book Seller, Challenges of Small Business and New Technology.
Your Story Ep 13 : John. Aboriginal Art, Slavery Heritage and Sorry.
Your Story Ep 12 : Adam. Australian Perceptions, Mental Health, Drugs and Community Care
Your Story Ep 11 : Jenny. Getting on with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Your Story Ep 10 : Dave. Film, Adventure and Kite Sledding Hudson Bay.

Your Story Ep 9 : Matt. Journalism, Newspapers and New Media
Your Story Ep 8 : Meeyeon. Korean, International Adoption, Bigotry and Abuse.
Your Story Ep 7 : Troy. Community Groups Bound Together.
Your Story Ep 6 : Juan Mann, Free Hugs and Oprah is a Career
Your Story Ep 5 : Rod, from Stolen Generation and Prison to Art & Music
Your Story Ep 4 : Krissy. Erotic literature with a twist.
Your Story Ep 3 : Meg, Sol Breads Sour Dough, Mountain Biking and Money
Your Story Ep 2 : Things Change.
Your Story Ep 1 : Shannon, the film industry and achieving a goal early in life.
Your Story Ep 0.00 : Welcome to Your Story and why I’m doing this Podcast

“Your Story Addendum” Episodes

Your Story Addendum Ep 29 :  Settling in to Berlin Life.
Your Story Addendum Ep 28 : Megève. The Heart of the French Alps.
Your Story Addendum Ep 27 : A New Trip to Europe
Your Story Addendum Ep 26 : Dealing with the Flood of 2011
Your Story Addendum Ep 25 : Create Your Life Story and What is Happening
Your Story Addendum Ep 24 : Podcast Feeds are now Fixed.
Your Story Addendum Ep 23 : Wrapping Up Buenos AIres, Argentina.
Your Story Addendum Ep 22 : Buenos Aires. An overview from Four Australians.
Your Story Addendum Ep 21 : Buenos Aires. European Confusion in South America
Your Story Addendum Ep 20 : Anzac Day Dawn Service.

Your Story Addendum Ep 19 : Sydney. Why I love this city.
Your Story Addendum Ep 18 : Internet Filter and No Clean Feed Rally
Your Story Addendum Ep 17 : Wrapping Up Europe and Returning to Australia
Your Story Addendum Ep 16 : Whitechapel Bell Foundry
Your Story Addendum Ep 15 : Shakespeare’s Globe and War Memorials
Your Story Addendum Ep 14 : London, Happy? Maybe not!
Your Story Addendum Ep 13 : Vannes and Paris
Your Story Addendum Ep 12 : Prague, Czech Republic Good Bye
Your Story Addendum Ep 11 : Prague, An Overview
Your Story Addendum Ep 10 : Good Bye Berlin, Germany

Your Story Addendum Ep 9 : Joseph Roth Diele and Hidden Europe Magazine.
Your Story Addendum Ep 8 : Obama Speech in Berlin on a Beautiful Summer Night.
Your Story Addendum Ep 7 : Off to Swidwin, Poland.
Your Story Addendum Ep 6 : Berlin, Observations from an Australian
Your Story Addendum Ep 5 : Germany. Long flights, Tubingen, Potsdam and Berlin
Your Story Addendum Ep 4 : Good Bye to Melbourne
Your Story Addendum EP 3 : Rainy Day and Night Life
Your Story Addendum Ep 2 : Getting the feel of Melbourne.
Your Story Addendum Ep 1 : Off to Melbourne.

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  • katy gilbert Sunday, 10 October, 2010, 4:46 am

    Hi- My name is Katy Gilbert and I work for Stories of Our City….a weekly podcast to cultivate community by sharing true stories from around the globe. We are currently sharing stories from the Middle East to tear down stereotypes of the region. I live in Beirut and have been sharing stories from the region (Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Palestinians living in these lands, and the Emirates ….so far, with more coming soon)
    We have already produced 60 stories that vary in length ranging from 3 min. to 10 min. The topics of the stories are varied – surviving bombings to first love…..hiding things from parents to car accidents. Stories from everyday life to show that all humanity has more in common that what divides us. We have over 12,500 downloads and now average about 1,000 downloads per month.
    I would like to talk with you about how we can partner to help share stories from around the world.
    Ok, enough of me chatting about the project. Please visit our website http://www.storiesofourcity.com or . Also, this project has been featured in the Boise Weekly as well as the Beirut Daily Star and on the radio: Idaho NPR
    I look forward to hearing from you soon- Really, please get in touch so we can chat about your great podcast
    Katy Gilbert