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“Your Story” Episodes

Your Story Ep 72 : Stefan & Rocco. Metroccolis Redux – Passion, Success and Balancing Art with Business
Your Story Ep 71 : Juliane. Indie Film Support and Asian Production.
Your Story Ep 70 : Sophie Pt 2. Gender Change and Transition to a Woman.

Your Story Ep 69 : Sophie Pt 1. 25 years of a British Ex-Pat in Kreuzberg, Berlin.
Your Story Ep 68 : Sebastian. Re-Inventing Insurance using Social Networks
Your Story Ep 67 : Henry. Opportunity for a Young Person in Berlin
Your Story Ep 66 : Rainer. Electronic One Man Band on an Acoustic Guitar
Your Story Ep 65
: Charmaine. Food History, Writing and What You Don’t Know of Indian Food
Your Story Ep 64 : Mike Boyd. Entrepreneur’s Headspace and Giving Back
Your Story Ep 63 : Craig. Creating the Best Stove Top Espresso Machine from a Classic
Your Story Ep 62 : John & Cheryl. Helping the Children of Argentina through Tango
Your Story Ep 61 : Daryll. Performer and Teacher of the Art of Storytelling
Your Story Ep 60 : Lorelei. Gender Transition to a Woman

Your Story Ep 59 : Jane Teresa. Science and Dream Interpretation
Your Story Ep 58 : Adam. Joy of Family Back Home in Canada with a new Career as a PMD
Your Story Ep 57 : John. Writing, Work Ethic and Celebrity
Your Story Ep 56 : Sarah. Jazz Singing and Music
Your Story Ep 55 : Michael. Ghost Writing Your Story
Your Story Ep 54 : Ken. Domestic Solar to Grid Reality Check.
Your Story Ep 53 : Fabrizio y Celi – Buenos Aires, Travelling the World Teaching Tango
Your Story Ep 52 : University Accommodation on a Motorbike
Your Story Ep 51 : Earl. Security, Choices with a Gentle Touch
Your Story Ep 50 : Kate. Acting a Theatrical Life

Your Story Ep 49 : Gemma. Photography, Making it Work.
Your Story Ep 48 : Tiffany, Infidelity Investigator.
Your Story Ep 47 : Cliff. Food Allergies and Cancer Treatment from a Life in Science.
Your Story Ep 46 : Doug. C.S.Lewis, Narnia, Film Making and Christianity.
Your Story Ep 45 : Chrissy. Mormonism, Music and Love in Australia.
Your Story Ep 44 : Frank. Gourmet Cookies, Financial Crisis and the Argentine Good Life.
Your Story Ep 43 : Deby. Tango and Living as a Local in Buenos Aires.
Your Story Ep 42 : Eric. Self Discovery, Freedom and Dr Ron Paul.
Your Story Ep 41 : Mike. Buenos Aires Ranching for a US Migrant.
Your Story Ep 40 : Grace. Prostitution – More than You Think.

Your Story Ep 39 : Patty. Funeral Photography, Web Cams and Radio Personality.
Your Story Ep 38 : Bernard. Ballroom Champion, ’60’s Rich and Famous and Alzheimer’s Loss.
Your Story Ep 37 : Tjupurru. Didjeribone, FaceBass Music and Heritage rediscovered.
Your Story Ep 36 : Chris. The Artist Life.
Your Story Ep 35 : Lucy and Willy. Swinging, Sport Sex, Emotional Pitfalls and The Lifestyle.
Your Story Ep 34 : Rachel. VibeWire. Support for Young Creatives.
Your Story Ep 33 : Gavin. Social Networking, Public Relations and Conversations.
Your Story Ep 32 : Andrew. Trash Video, Film Making and Filipino Search for Wang Wang.
Your Story Ep 31 : Martin. Fair Trade Coffee Roaster with Community Awareness
Your Story Ep 30 : David. Industrial Design, Street Furniture and Helping the Next Generation

Your Story Ep 29 : Stephanie. Vaccination, Health Education and Your Responsibility
Your Story Ep 28 : Colin. Eight Decades of European Life and Reflections Towards the Future.
Your Story Ep 27 : McConnie. Music, Performing to Conducting.
Your Story Ep 26 : Michael. Business and Life in Prague for a Canadian Migrant
Your Story Ep 25 : Adam. Prague, Czech History, Culture and Blending in.
Your Story Ep 24 : Linda. Podcasting Thesis, GDR Liberties Lost and Lessons for the Future.
Your Story Ep 23 : Rocco. Mime, Personal Robots and Amazing Berlin.
Your Story Ep 22 : Romy. Social Circus, Berlin, The Wall.
Your Story Ep 21 : What happened?
Your Story Ep 20 : Petra. Swiss Migrant, Australian Traveller, Author and Tango

Your Story Ep 19 : Timb. Professional Piercing and Body Modification Technician
Your Story Ep 18 : Mel. Tattoo, Scarification, Suspension and Body Modification
Your Story Ep 17 : Craig. Sidecars, Cafe Racers and Heavy Engineering.
Your Story Ep 16 : Claude Gillard. 50 Years of Parachuting and Skydiving the Early Days.
Your Story Ep 15 : Holly. Food, Macrobiotic, Nourish.
Your Story Ep 14 : Fiona. Book Seller, Challenges of Small Business and New Technology.
Your Story Ep 13 : John. Aboriginal Art, Slavery Heritage and Sorry.
Your Story Ep 12 : Adam. Australian Perceptions, Mental Health, Drugs and Community Care
Your Story Ep 11 : Jenny. Getting on with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Your Story Ep 10 : Dave. Film, Adventure and Kite Sledding Hudson Bay.

Your Story Ep 9 : Matt. Journalism, Newspapers and New Media
Your Story Ep 8 : Meeyeon. Korean, International Adoption, Bigotry and Abuse.
Your Story Ep 7 : Troy. Community Groups Bound Together.
Your Story Ep 6 : Juan Mann, Free Hugs and Oprah is a Career
Your Story Ep 5 : Rod, from Stolen Generation and Prison to Art & Music
Your Story Ep 4 : Krissy. Erotic literature with a twist.
Your Story Ep 3 : Meg, Sol Breads Sour Dough, Mountain Biking and Money
Your Story Ep 2 : Things Change.
Your Story Ep 1 : Shannon, the film industry and achieving a goal early in life.
Your Story Ep 0.00 : Welcome to Your Story and why I’m doing this Podcast

“Your Story Addendum” Episodes

Your Story Addendum Ep 29 :  Settling in to Berlin Life.
Your Story Addendum Ep 28 : Megève. The Heart of the French Alps.
Your Story Addendum Ep 27 : A New Trip to Europe
Your Story Addendum Ep 26 : Dealing with the Flood of 2011
Your Story Addendum Ep 25 : Create Your Life Story and What is Happening
Your Story Addendum Ep 24 : Podcast Feeds are now Fixed.
Your Story Addendum Ep 23 : Wrapping Up Buenos AIres, Argentina.
Your Story Addendum Ep 22 : Buenos Aires. An overview from Four Australians.
Your Story Addendum Ep 21 : Buenos Aires. European Confusion in South America
Your Story Addendum Ep 20 : Anzac Day Dawn Service.

Your Story Addendum Ep 19 : Sydney. Why I love this city.
Your Story Addendum Ep 18 : Internet Filter and No Clean Feed Rally
Your Story Addendum Ep 17 : Wrapping Up Europe and Returning to Australia
Your Story Addendum Ep 16 : Whitechapel Bell Foundry
Your Story Addendum Ep 15 : Shakespeare’s Globe and War Memorials
Your Story Addendum Ep 14 : London, Happy? Maybe not!
Your Story Addendum Ep 13 : Vannes and Paris
Your Story Addendum Ep 12 : Prague, Czech Republic Good Bye
Your Story Addendum Ep 11 : Prague, An Overview
Your Story Addendum Ep 10 : Good Bye Berlin, Germany

Your Story Addendum Ep 9 : Joseph Roth Diele and Hidden Europe Magazine.
Your Story Addendum Ep 8 : Obama Speech in Berlin on a Beautiful Summer Night.
Your Story Addendum Ep 7 : Off to Swidwin, Poland.
Your Story Addendum Ep 6 : Berlin, Observations from an Australian
Your Story Addendum Ep 5 : Germany. Long flights, Tubingen, Potsdam and Berlin
Your Story Addendum Ep 4 : Good Bye to Melbourne
Your Story Addendum EP 3 : Rainy Day and Night Life
Your Story Addendum Ep 2 : Getting the feel of Melbourne.
Your Story Addendum Ep 1 : Off to Melbourne.