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Your Story Addendum Episode 29 : Settling in to Berlin Life.

It seems to have taken four weeks for my soul to catch up with me.


I’ve been in Berlin now for four weeks meeting people and spending time settling in to how this city operates. I find it takes time to find my feet in any new environment and understand how the basic functions of life operate. It’s a mix of confusion and excitement, that is both fun and distracting.Alexander Platz

Now that the settling is hopefully completed I’m looking forward to seeing how things continue to evolve. I’m slowly developing a network of people who are openly and actively connecting with me and offering assistance both in general ideas of where to go and what to see but also who I could connect with. The open generosity of many of the people here is encouraging and maybe shows something of the personality of the people of Berlin.

Berlin Temperature

This was cold!

I said in 2008 that Berlin is like a run down share house full of university students who are doing some interesting things. With that attitude comes a “we’re all in this together”, attitude. Everyone knows that we can all help each other to help ourselves. That attitude gives this city a vibrancy of purpose to create and build some amazing things, even if the specific direction isn’t clear.

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