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Your Story Ep 45 : Chrissy. Mormonism, Music and Love in Australia.


This is the love story that landed Chrissy Dunaway in Australia to be with Cameron Reilly after a whirlwind romance in Ajaccio, Corsica where they meet at the International Napoleonic Congress in 2008.Crissy

Chrissy or as she is known on twitter @fddlgrl and I  talk of Love at first sight and migration from Seattle to Australia. What lead her to rebel from her upbringing in Southern Utah as a Mormon, eventually to lead her to her move to Seattle and the counter Mormon culture there. Here is a view from both inside and outside Mormonism. Not forgetting  the good in the upbringing and what she has brought with her from that.

Chrissy seems to have landed on her feet in her new life in Australia as a Teacher in the Suzuki Method and performer of Violin, diving into developing a small and already thriving network of students, group classes and orchestral performances. We also briefly discuss what she has noticed in the differences between the Australian and US cultures.

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Again as I mentioned, sorry about the audio quality 🙁

Mormons – Southpark Style from Sanshyuum on Vimeo.

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  • Cameron Reilly Thursday, 5 November, 2009, 9:35 am

    What a brilliant guest! And what a brilliant interview!

    Seriously, don’t worry about the audio quality, it was fine, especially as the guest was so interesting! Your interview skills, as always, impress.

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