So You want to Know what I’m up to?

So You want to Know what I’m up to?

It’s very simple really…

Ian Kath

We’ve all had the feeling that there has to be a bit more than the daily, yearly grind. You know, school, love, marriage, work, kids, bills & money. Struggle, kick and fight to get ahead and before you know it… there it is…
…the end.


So how do you feel now, 80 years old taking your last breath. Have you done what you came here for? Have you made a difference? What is your legacy? Should you have taken that chance just to see what may have happened? The risks seems insignificant now don’t they?

And as life slips away, you would do anything to go back and give it one more, red hot go!

Well guess what I’m not 80 and I’m going to give it a go and see where it takes me. It’s surely more interesting than the certainty of the last and next many years.

Well for the last couple of years that is how I’ve been feeling, on the merry-go-round, get to the end of the year and not much to show for it. Then start the new year and hope for a bigger year with some change and excitement but it hasn’t been turning up…


I was hoping for something, some catalyst, something to grab me, inspire me, something that just won’t let me go until I see where this beast wants to take me, but what…?

So I’ve been looking, trying out new things.

Now this has been going on for sometime, as a matter of fact I’ve been quite directionless for the best part of 25 years. Yea sure, there have been times when I’ve had focus. I’ve built a house (that took 10 years part time) and I’ve changed industries within my skill base several times. I’ve been employed, self employed and a contractor as a way of shaking it up a bit but lately I’ve realised it’s time for the big change… But what?

I’ve had the personality tests, had my skills accessed, considered my passions and explored what I’d do if money wasn’t an issue but nothing was coming out of the fog. People suggested things knowing my interests and skills but I couldn’t get interested in any of it.

Then as it happened I downloaded my first Podcast and thought, WOW! this is cool, then more, and more! I found out that everyone are doing these podcasts, some media trained, some geeks and some average people with something to say. Now this is cool, I could do this. But how and about what?

Ka-Fucking Blam!!!

And there it was.

I’ve always been interested in others and a perfect day is to sit and commune with someone over drink or food and hear their story. I’ve always thought it would be wonderful to sit like you see those old men in Turkey or Spain or such places, sitting, talking and being in their community with their friends. Seeming not to do anything else but hear the stories of others… I wonder what the stories would be if I was to sit in on them and listen in on their conversation, what have they experienced? Each and everyone has had a lifetime of experiences, laughter and tears. Life is different for everyone and no two people have the same existence and all have made it through one way or another to where they now are and where I meet them.

So this is what I’m on about, I want to talk to people, to hear their unique individual stories of their life. I want to find out how they got here and how they survived and succeeded. I want to find these individuals and record their story in their own voice and publish their stories as a unique Podcast, “Your Story” so that we can learn how others do it. Because by definition it is different to the way we have done it and I’m sure their are lessons from everyone for us all.

I’m doing this so that I can create a space in my life for change, a place to meet new and interesting people and a place to create a way for some others to see how others live and develop a little more empathy for others so that we will realise that fundamentally we are all the same and want similar things as each other and that there is more that connects us than separates us.

Welcome to the journey. Lets see where it goes…

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