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Your Story Addendum Ep 30 : Your Story is Back.

Ian’s back from three years of Pod-Fading.


After three years away it’s wonderful for me to say…

“Welcome To Episode 30 of Your Story Addendum.

Having been away for so long I think, as we get started again, it’s only fair to bring you up to speed with what happened to cause such a long hiatus for Your Story and what you can look forward to in the future.

As I mention in this episode there will be changes here and also at Create Your (Life) Story, which is in the early stages of rebranding and new content about how to get your stories out to who needs to hear them.

Ian with Tango friends.

Ian with Tango friends.

This is just the first tentative steps in coming back to the world of podcasting. If you want to hear some of my stories from over the last few years you can listen to my audio feed at AudioBoo. Note: Sorry about having to log in but this is one of the examples of how AudioBoom is turning away from their community.

Come and say hello using some of the contact links available on the Contacts Page in the top navigation bar.

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