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Episode 66 : Rainer. Electronic One Man Band on an Acoustic Guitar

One Guitar for a DJ Mix Party


At a recent Betahaus event in Berlin, the Awesome Foundationawarded 1000€ to innovative musician Robin Sukroso, aka. Rainer, to help further the development of his one man band guitar modification.

Robin Sukroso

Taking the idea of percussive and traditional guitar playing, using the instrument as an input for a midi device, means that virtually any synthesized instrument can be played, looped and feed back into the mix all while performing in the best of the techno clubs here in Berlin.

Three years of development including cutting into his beloved acoustic guitar and now Rainer has his own performance instrument and a prototype to take to manufacturing. Time will tell if we see this as an add on available for musicians to help them with a new style of performing,

If you want to have  an understanding of how his creation works just watch this video…

Guitar Band

Guitar Band
His website is Robin Sukrosos One Man Band
His email is robinsukroso@googlemail.com

Check-out Rainer’s music on SoundCloud Here

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