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Your Story Addendum Ep 24 : Podcast Feeds are now Fixed.


I’ve recently been having some issues over the last few months with the podcasting plugin(PodPress) that I use to post the show. Because it hasn’t been correctly updated in two years it’s been throwing up all sorts of issues lately including completely stopping the feed or sending the wrong files to iTunes. Most of the time it’s been okay if you play or download direct from the site but it’s been getting very spotting over at the other podcast catchers(iTunes).

This has finally led me to have to change the plugin and that had a couple of issues in bringing the files across but I’m pleased to say that as of this morning when I look at all the files on iTunes it seems that everything is now as it’s supposed to be.


The good thing about using the BlueBerry PowerPress plugin is that I can now put additional content up on the site with it’s own player and it won’t go out on the feed to iTunes. This has been something that I’ve been wanting to do for some time and I’ve resorted to doing alternative things that were not as neat as I wanted. This now means that the recent Episode 47 about Cliff which had the incorrect audio being sent to iTunes is now resolved.

If you heard the unintential additional content on iTunes for Episode 47 simply do this to get the correct audio of the show.

  • Delete – YS Ep 47 : Cliff. Food Allergies and Cancer Treatment from a Life in Science.
  • Un-subscribe
  • Re-subscribe
  • Right/control Click on the header – Your Story : How We Play the Game of Life and select Update Podcast

That will refresh the podcast feed instantly and the now missing Ep 47 should start downloading the correct file that was originally intended to be the episode.

Sorry about these issues but I’m learning as I’m doing and it sometimes takes a while to get the knowledge to sort out these problems.

Thanks to my daughter mentioning that the feed in her iTunes was not the correct file I was made aware of these issues and fix the problem. If you notice anything that is incorrect or needs improving please let me know as it sometimes takes a while for me to notice issues. Thanks in advance.

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