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Your Story Ep 49 : Gemma. Photography, Making it Work.


Welcome To Episode 49 of Your Story.

In a pub recently it was mentioned that I should sit and talk with Gemma-Rose as she has a passion for photography and has managed to make a career of what many would love to do for a living.


Not only do we learn of the early days of learning photography in high school but the advantage of coming into it with a little more maturity has paid off along with working as a photojournalist and doing some of the more unpleasant aspects of the job.

Now Gemma is off to Melbourne to work with St Kilda Gatehouse to enable street sex workers and substance dependent people to find a new way to express themselves and to tell their stories. Gemma has a more oblique way of looking at the world and recently undertook and explains her ongoing project, Show Us Ya Tits to show the differences of women and their worlds.

Her website is gemmarose.com.au
email is info@gemmarose.com.au

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