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Your Story Ep 50 : Kate. Acting a Theatrical Life.


Welcome To Episode 50 of Your Story.

I invited Kate Foy to come and share with us the world of a professional theatre actor and all that it means. What was the theatre industry like in the early 1970’s when the Queensland Theatre Company was just getting underway, what do you need and how hard is it to succeed in this art but also what is it like to have nearly 40 years experience in the different areas as a professional theatre actor and academic.

Kate Foy

Kate is one of those people that I meet through my interactions on twitter and other new media social platforms. Like a few, Kate has become one of my twitter friends and we’ve had many 140 character conversations with each other. What a surprise it was for me, that afterwards while doing some research in preparation for some audio recordings for the Oral History Project at Queensland Theatre Company, I discovered she has a deep involvement both as the Chair of the QTC Board but also with the theatre community in general.

Kate mentions her latest passion to gather theatre professionals together in a way that hasn’t been possible in the past by establishing Greenroom. Unlike with the past physical publications, now using a web site she hopes to form a portal for people to gather and create a community around shared interests in theatre.

Her website is KateFoy.com and  ActorsGreenRoom.net.

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  • eve Wednesday, 3 March, 2010, 9:41 am

    hej ian,
    happy 50th episode!!! xD
    i liked this episode a lot. great work. great woman. great insights.
    made me think of the mime-artist-friend of us 🙂
    i’ve got to recommend this ep. to him, when i see him tomorrow.
    take care,

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