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Your Story Ep 61 : Daryll. Performer and Teacher of the Art of Storytelling

This is how to tell a good story?


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Daryll Bellingham

Daryll Bellingham

Many people live a life in the arts. Sometimes it’s through choice or circumstances but it’s always a life that is lived independent of many of the norms of Western Society, using their resources to work in a variety of fields within the art that is their choice. The performing arts are much like this. In today’s Episode 61 of Your Story we talk to Daryll Bellingham about his life as a professional storyteller.

Through examples, Daryll shares with us some of his personal life stories of how he expresses himself using his skills as well as some of the advantages for adults in communicating better with family and colleagues using these storytelling skills. Daryll mentions how the use of storytelling has given his community and himself some of the greatest gifts that people can give each other – the sharing of stories.

Daryll has a huge understanding of both sides of the storytelling world both as performer and teacher of storytelling as a communication tool for individuals and corporates, as well as being an oral historian and digital storyteller of other people’s lives.

How do you make a living as a professional storyteller? By being as skilled as Daryll Bellingham is, in many aspects of this oral art form.

Daryll’s  website is Storytell.com.au
His email is mail@Storytell.com.au

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  • Tony Tuesday, 10 May, 2011, 3:37 pm

    Listening to this episode, I had imagined Daryll as a very tall man with sundrenced long blondish hair and a long whispy beard.
    Funny how the mind creates such images.
    Fascinating to listen to Daryll, a real pleasure.
    Thanks Daryll, and thanks Ian.

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