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Your Story Addendum Ep 22 : Buenos Aires. A Overview from Four Australians


Ian, Heather, Alex & Bernard

Welcome To Episode 22 of Your Story Addendum.

Here is something a bit different for you.

I decided to sit down and have a brief discussion with a few of my friends of our appreciation of Buenos Aires, now that we have been here a few weeks and it’s time for a few of us to start heading home.

What is Buenos Aires, and how do we appreciate it from an outside view, without the cultural understanding of the people who live here. We chat casually about the character of the people, the shopping, the food and how it would be for someone similar to us visiting here.

We recorded this on the roof of the house that we are staying in and in amongst the conversation there is the din of the city in the back ground, the sound that is impossible to avoid and a constant curse to find somewhere quiet.


Shops, Shops, Shops.

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  • Adam Daniel Mezei Friday, 17 July, 2009, 10:09 am

    Ian, nice going with this Addendum, good to listen to the freestyle audio as opposed to the one-on-one.

    Loved the line: “B.A. is a broken city.” That encapsulated your entire trip down, at least for me, actually. Would be great to have a gander at some of your photos of the place, as well…


  • Heather Saturday, 18 July, 2009, 8:53 pm

    Great stuff Ian… Al and I had forgotten some of the things we said.

    I hope people intending to travel to BA in the near future, find your site so they can hear this conversation.

    Also, thanks for putting us in contact with Fred. He was great – provided a very professional service.

    Look forward to catching up with you soon

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