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Your Story Ep 41 : Mike. Buenos Aires Ranching for a US Migrant.


Welcome To Episode 41 of Your Story.mike

Yanqui Mike, as he is known here in Buenos Aires now lives a life of duality as a migrant from the US to Argentina. From a corporate career in transport logistics in the US, living in the Mid West and Chicago, Mike has learnt and now continues his wife’s family heritage as a rancher in Argentina.

Over a few beers (and many more later) we chatted about what brought him here and what keeps him living a country life on the Campo and a cosmopolitan, cafe life in the heart of Buenos Aires. His love for the people and culture and why he is happy to stay in Argentina and not to return to the United States of America.

Contrasting his love for Argentina, Mike is heavily involved in the US ex-pat community having started Democrats Abroad in Argentina and takes great pride in being involved, in his small way towards the election of Barack Obama, involving the US citizens here, with the aptly named Drinking Liberally.

Late Addition 13/01/2010 I’ve just found in my iTunes a file that I recorded with Mike on my iPhone after I turned my recorder off and thought that as it’s such wonderful content I’d put it up as a bonus Easter Egg. It’s only 2 minutes but worth listening to.


His website is yanquimike.blogspot.com

email is letters@yanquimike.com.ar

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