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Episode 70 : Sophie Pt 2. Gender Change and Transition to a Woman.

Imagine waking one morning to discover your sex has changed!


On the last episode of Your Story we heard from Sophie, about her time in Berlin from before “The Wall” came down in 1989 to today.

Kreuzberg Bookstore Another Country Books

Sophie at Another Country Books

Today we hear Part 2, a completely different story to what we heard last time, about her amazing story of gender transition and how it all came about and evolved.

Just imagine that!

Imagine waking one day to discover something as fundamental as your gender, which seems to be locked in stone for life, suddenly changing.

Despite the momentum of a lifetime Sophie found herself in this situation and she takes us through how it came about and how she dealt with it along with the reality of what it means to move through transition. This is not the standard story of gender transition that we hear from time to time but a medical condition that has lead to a change but then, as Sophie mentions maybe it was a transition that was always going to happen when the situation was right and the medication was what tip the balance.

Another country books Kreuzberg

Another Country Bookstore

We talk about the reality of what it’s meant for Sophie, both emotionally, mentally and physically. The way it’s impacted her personal and professional relationships along with the continuity of running the business at Another Country Books in Berlin along with family and friends in her greater community. Sophie generously shares with us some incredibly personal aspects of the transgender journey and how living real can be the most import aspect of gender transition.

Website: AnotherCountry.de
Address: Riemannstr, 7, 10961 Berlin, (U7 Gneisenaustr)
Phone: 030/96401160

If you’re in or ever get to Berlin make sure you check out Sophie’s bookstore.

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