Your Story Ep 56 : Sarah. Jazz Singing and Music
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Your Story Ep 56 : Sarah. Jazz Singing and Music


What is needed to make it in music?

Sarah Collyer

How may people are performing, working their craft, doing all they can to be seen and heard, to make it in this world as an artist? How do they get noticed amongst all the noise and what do they have to do in the mean time until it’s their turn, if they ever have the chance?

Today on Your Story we chat with Sara Collyer about her world as a jazz singer. How she studied music and voice and her motivations along the way. We talk about what she has to do to be noticed and what she does between performances and her music.

Take the time to check out her website at where you can listen to some of the music and purchase her EP This Way or on iTunes.

I reckon it great (just my biased opinion) 🙂

Cover Art – This Way

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  • Adam Daniel MezeiNo Gravatar Friday, 10 December, 2010, 9:53 am

    Sarah is definitely someone I’d like to talk to. I think she needs a little rocket fuel to launch her voice and career along the lines of what Zoe Keating’s ( doing with hers.

    Zoe gets INVITED to play her cello at various EU venues — flights and hotels paid — and she’s a single mom! Sarah definitely qualifies to get similar treatment and I think it’s something she should definitely be planning for herself.

    And then there’s that other thing I mentioned by email…just an idea…


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