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Your Story Ep 55 : Michael. Ghost Writing Your Story


You have the idea but how/who to write the book!

Have you ever wanted to write a book? Have you had a great idea that you need to get out there? Do you have life experiences or know someone who you would like to write about? Maybe you have already started writing? Do you have:

Michael Collins

Ghost Writer Michael Collins

  • An Idea – Inspiration of what needs to be said
  • Notes – A series of concepts written down
  • Rough – Already written a considerable amount
  • Draft – Written the overall story
  • Manuscript – The finished book that needs editing
  • Book – But maybe it needs re-writing

Writing a book is a huge task and in this Episode 55 or Your Story we talk to Michael Collins about the art and skill of ghost writing and what he has done for many people to help them get their stories out there.

Michael as a professional Ghost Writer has the skills to understand a person, to get under their skin and realise their dreams so they can get the story that lives inside them onto the page while maintaining their voice and their own original personality. It doesn’t have to be a book written from the beginning but ghost writing can and often is a form of editing. He is editing a persons ideas and voice into text or editing a finished manuscript into a final form for publication. As Michael explains ghost writing is a very personal, specialised form of book editing where he, as the ghost writer, in order to write as that other person has to know them and their personality and not just edit the text that is written on the page.

Michael has the wit of the storyteller and the ability to show it in this episode of Your Story of how he came to writing and ghost writing in particular but also the skills to write about his interests on his personal web site. It’s worth taking the time to read some of his interesting anecdotes and see his writing style in action 🙂

Michael’s website is Your-GhostWriter.com

…and his email is ghostwritermc@gmail.com


**UPDATE: 4/10/11 – Michael has just published his latests thriller The Last Book
on Amazon **

I’ve also mentioned on this episode and edited part of it for my other podcast Create Your Life Story as Ghost Writing happens to be the perfect mechanism for writing a personal biography using transcripts form audio recordings. If you’re unable to write for yourself or need someone to add that critical eye over what you’ve already written it may well be worth taking the time to contact a Ghost Writer such as Michael. To find out more on how to record, edit and share your life story check out Create Your Life Story.

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