Your Story Ep 64 Mike Boyd. Story of an Entrepreneur's Headspace and Giving Back
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Your Story Ep 64 : Mike Boyd. Entrepreneur’s Headspace and Giving Back

How does an entrepreneur see the world?


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Are you one of those rare individuals who see the world differently? You see opportunities where others only see problems!
Do you then have the skills to action those opportunities to make something of them? Maybe a business!

Mike Boyd Entrepreneur

Mike Boyd

If you are, maybe you’re what is referred to as an entrepreneur. But the curse of the entrepreneur is seeing too many opportunities and maybe working on so many of them that the efforts are fragmented and none are given the effort that is necessary to make a success of any. Or maybe you don’t have all the skills in place to make a success of your ideas even though you see the opportunity. There are so many components to get right to have a successful business personality.

Today we talk with Mike Boyd who has already started drawing attention to himself as a young “go getter “, making a name as someone who can think and motivate with his enthusiasm for business. We talk about:

  • Stating business in childhood
  • Multiple businesses through University
  • Strategy for finding the passion that all entrepreneurs need
  • The importance of giving back to receive
  • Rebranding himself to help others

Mike shares what he feels is the different attitude that all entrepreneurs have and gives us a glimpse of how to negotiate all those ideas, to find the single one to put all that enthusiasm into, for the sake of you and all those around you.

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