Episode 59 : Jane Teresa. Science and Dream Interpretation
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Episode 59 : Jane Teresa. Science and Dream Interpretation


Ramblings or real understanding from your dreams

Ever woken in the morning and wondered what that dream meant? Sure you may be able to second guess what it’s all about if the dream was similar to what’s going on in your day life but we’ve all had those dreams that confound any sense of meaning. And even if we did have some understanding, can we really trust those supposed meanings. Aren’t they, after all, just the random mumblings of our subconscious mind and not important anyway?

Science and Dreams with Jane Teresa Anderson

Jane Teresa Anderson

Or are they?

Maybe we can guess or ask someone who “supposedly” knows what they may mean, for some real insight but aren’t they just as clueless as us? Well maybe not everyone…

The filters we look life through

Jane Teresa Anderson is one of those people who can help with our understanding of our dream-life but with a twist. She comes to dream interpretation, not from the esoteric fields of connecting with your hidden spirit guide, while dancing amongst the flowers, where everything is touchy-feely but from the world of hard core science.

Trained in the UK with a Honours Degree in Zoology, specialising in developmental biology with some neurophysiological research, Jane Teresa had taken her analytical scientific approach into the world of understanding dreams, their meanings and how they influence our lives.

She knows that with an understanding of our dreams we can not only understand our current lives but we can also impact on what we want to achieve in our daily experiences. Dream interpretation is a real diagnostic tool to better live our lives and help us understand how we are evolving in our personal life towards achieving what we want for ourselves.

In this Episode 59 of Your Story Jane Teresa gives us an overview of her journey through the sciences to end up in this, not so science recognised field of understanding. She also has an hour long weekly podcast with invited guests discussing their dreams and their meanings along with private coaching and professional services.

Her website is dream.net.au and contact email is JaneTeresa@dream.net.au



What are dream interpretation experiences have you had? Post a comment below and let us know.

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