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Your Story Ep 43 : Deby. Tango and Living as a Local in Buenos Aires


Welcome To Episode 43 of Your Story.

Deby has been in Buenos Aries as a visitor and now permanently since 2000. Originally coming to Buenos Aires to surround herself in the world of tango, she sold up everything in California in 2004, relocated to Buenos Aires and is now looking forward to becoming an Argentine citizen.


While falling in love with lifestyle here she has had the experiences of someone learning to understanding a new culture in order to become part of it. Now she is fully immersed into the life as a local and defends it vehemently.

Deby explains how it is for a local, how when you don’t earn in another international currency and the multiplier effects of exchange rates how difficult it is to live here. She gives us a small overview of the world and industry of tango also taking us on a discovery of the cultural differences in the way men and women interact compared with her home country of the US.

Several days after this recording we meet again at a milonga where we spent a few lovely hours together with friends. I look forward to returning to Buenos Aires again one day and this time with more time and experience on the dance floor I look forward to having a real tango with her.

Her website is tangospam.typepad.com
email is info@lavidacondeby.com

I mentioned in this episode about the great transport and travel advice that I received from Fred at SilverStarCar.com. If you’re ever in Buenos Aires and would like to travel in comfort from the airport or around the city,silverstarcar consider giving Fred a call and see if the service he offers suits your needs. In case you wondered I’m receiving no kickback from Fred for this, he’s getting this plug simply because he offered me great service and it deserves to be mentioned.

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  • Deane Williams Tuesday, 16 March, 2010, 8:14 pm

    In the wrap up of this story Ian asks Deby a question, ‘What is Tango?’, and draws an answer that is simply a delight to listen to. Deby’s response is from the heart, and the conversation drops over into a kind of sublime monologue. Ian disappears. Just me (or you) listening to Deby’s most perfect, poetic description of her love of Tango.

    Ian’s skill in bringing us to this moment is commendable.

    Thank you Ian. Thank you Deby.

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