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Your Story Ep 42 : Eric. Self Discovery, Freedom and Dr Ron Paul.


Welcome To Episode 42 of Your Story.

Today we talk with Eric, a local Argentine, born and breed in Buenos Aires, about his journey and frustrations of feeling that he was independent in his thoughts on how to live a good life and how by chance he RPScame across Dr Ron Paul during the 2007 US Republican Presidential Campaign. Discovering that his ideals and beliefs resonate with others and that there are opportunities to share these opinions. Motivated by what Dr Paul was doing Eric established a Spanish Version of the Ron Paul web site to help facilitate his message and to help expand the concepts that he lives by. Eric and I discuss how he came to develop these ideals, the importance of thinking for ones self and his motivation for the site.

We also chat briefly about life in Argentina, the potential that has been missed in this once great country and the current personality of the culture, just one day before Independence Day on 9th July.

Eric has asked to remain anonymous and to allow his work to speak for itself.

His website is RonPaulSpanish.com
email is RonPaulSpanish@gmail.com

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  • Jessica Saturday, 3 October, 2009, 4:48 am

    Wow! Great story! Ive actually been to this website before. I never thought there was a story like this behind it. Very good interview, way to go Ian!

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