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Your Story Ep 53 : Fabrizio y Celi – Buenos Aires, Travelling the World Teaching Tango


Welcome To Episode 53 of Your Story.

In June 2009 I had the good fortune to travel to Buenos Aires to experience all that you can in such a short time and to partake of some of the Tango Scene from the city where Argentine Tango originated.

While I was there I spent some time with Tango teachers and performers Fabrizio Forti and Celi Arias in their home El Sol that is a tango studio and tourist accommodation for travellers to this city of 13 million people.  I’ve already produced several episodes of my time in Buenos Aires while I was there but lately Fab and Celi were here in Brisbane and I thought that this was a good time to talk to them about the life they have in Buenos Aires, travelling and teaching and some things about the wonderful dance that is tango and how it is different to most of the other dance forms.

They were here in Australia conducting workshops and classes followed by a trip to Wellington for the new Zealand Tango Festival.  I hope to get a copy of their performance for the Kiwis to show you very soon but in the mean time here is a video from last years festival.

Website is elsoldesantelmo.com
Email is elsolst@gmail.com

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  • Adam Daniel Mezei Wednesday, 14 July, 2010, 11:03 pm

    Fab is well-spoken and has many superb ideas backed by his extensive life and travel experience, it seems, yet I was hearing something completely different between the lines, and bear with me for a moment here as I explain myself more clearly…

    It has to do with something Debby mentioned during her interview about Argentine men: Fab didn’t permit Celi a word in edgewise. Hardly. Every time poor Celi would begin responding to one of your well-placed questions (many of her would-be brilliant opinions are also bolstered by her tremendous life experience), he’d cut her off.

    Sorry, but that’s *so* typical South American/Latin male, it’s not funny. Almost as if it was a moral failing for Celi to express herself, and for a lady who spent the formative years of her life in the US it must take a colossal effort for her to suppress her emotions vis-a-vis that.

    She must really love this man. And she must not be too bothered by it, either, but I was getting annoyed towards the end when Fab seemed to switch gears. At first, he was soft-spoken, sagacious, calm, and statesmanlike. The calm Peron-like wise man who possesses all the answers, and none of the problems. And then when Celi began to “challenge” or augment some of his otherwise clever pronouncements, his voice rose and it almost “sounded” as if he was getting uppity.

    I mean, really?

    Is this the authentic Argentinian man we’ve all come to hear about — the sex bomb, the potato sack of virility, the tango lead, the problem-solver?

    And I noticed, Ian, how you were trying to involve Celi in the discussion a bit more, despite Fab’s best efforts to thwart you. 😉 #failfab

    Too bad.

    Good interview, but I’ve deducted some marks from your guests because a well-travelled, Western-exposed male like Fab not permitting Celi to speak when asked a question by the interviewer is too stereotypical I’m getting tooth decay. Is it because he’s afraid of possibly being emasculated? Is it because he’s not packing, so he’s worried if he doesn’t keep his partner in line he’s going to seem like a maricon?

    Tisk, tisk…


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