Your Story Ep 51 : Earl. Security, Choices, Protection with a Gentle Touch.
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Your Story Ep 51 : Earl. Security, Choices, Protection with a Gentle Touch.


Welcome To Episode 51 of Your Story.

If what you know from your childhood and career is violence it would seem natural to work in a similar violent environment. That though doesn’t automatically mean that you’re destined to be violent yourself, maybe you just understand violence.

Earl Morris came from a childhood surrounded with violence, then a career in the US military.

An obvious career path would be to slip into the traditional forms of civilian work including protection and security work that is available through private military, police agencies and security services.

Earl came from the military into this traditional career path also but what he brought with him from his life has evolved into something quite different to direct security work. In talking to Earl I discovered that  he has taken the inverse spin on his life experiences to apply them to education and understanding. To work with people to mitigate the possibility of any violence through removing the threat. This involves the different aspects of human behaviour that he has studied and has evolved into courses for companies and particularly youth groups.

Now an Australian citizen and loving life in Australia with his wife and children he is using his understanding of a violent world to help others with protection against it but also to empower them so that the violence never develops in the first place. Earl has taken what he has learnt to create methods that make the world a better place.

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