What ‘Humans’ think of the Australian War Memorial.

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Not everyone agrees.

Audio visual screening      via VisitCanberra on flickr

As part of the #HumanBrochure campaign for Australian Capital Tourism we were welcomed at the Australian War Memorial and presented with some of what this iconic Canberra museum has to offer. Sure it was a quick and somewhat superficial visit but we only had a couple of hours and the idea was to give us a taste of that the AWM has to offer.

After the introductions, welcomes and main audiovisual presentation I thought it was worth hearing from a few of the ‘Humans’ what their thought and opinions of the Memorial.

Here is some varying opinions on what we thought of the Australian War Memorial.

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Happy Human Days as a #HumanBrochure in Canberra.

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A week-end on indulgence shared on Social Networks

Ian & Sabina waiting for the plane.

Ian & Sabina waiting for the plane.

I’ve been producing online for a half-dozen years now but it’s rare for me to receive any bonus for doing something I enjoy but this last week-end that’s exactly what’s happened as part of the #HumanBrochure campaign for Visit Canberra put on by Australian Capital Tourism.

It all started with flying with my daughter Sabina to Canberra for a ‘just the two of us’, trip together. It’s been a long time since we’ve had the chance to spend quality time together, especially since Sabina has grown up and it was particularly nice to mix it with activities, fine food and new friends to make it all the better.

Leaving on a Jet Plane.

Even before we left I noticed (and constantly reminded of), the impeccable planning and execution of every aspect of the week-end ahead. [click to continue…]


A Dad & Daughter Trip to Canberra

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Maybe our last holiday together, just for being a ‘Human’.

With my daughter Sabina now being 21 years old, this will most probably be the last time just the two of us will get the chance to have a holiday together. And it’s even a bit of a surprise that we should get that chance.

Holiday in MegeveYou know how it is… Once we get to adulthood we tend to hang out with peers and holidaying with family like our last holiday together, normally involves others like partners, children and even friends.

But as it happens, as part of the #HumanBrochure promotion for Visit Canberra we get the chance to have an adventure together as Dad and Daughter again but also as adults.

This should be fun :)

Last August I saw mention on FaceBook of an opportunity to  be one of the lucky ‘500 Humans’ to get a free trip to Canberra and spend a week-end of indulgence, courtesy of the providers of the value holiday fare in our nations capital. [click to continue…]

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Ep 72 : Stefan & Rocco. Metroccolis Redux – Passion, Success and Balancing Art with Business

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Passion, skill, determination and slowly move towards success!


Four years on from our discussion on Your Story with Rocco from Metroccolis we once again sit on the roof tops of Berlin just near Mauerpark in the old East Berlin. But this time Stefan as the other half of Metroccolis joins us for coffee and donuts and talk of life as successful mime artists.

Your Story Conversation

Recording on the Roof Tops of Berlin

No longer the starving artists.

Stefan and Rocco are the mime artists that are Metroccolis. A unique mime troupe who are passionate about silent theatre. Now together for 15 years since their school day they are managing to pay a real wage to themselves after many years as the classic startving artists. [click to continue…]


Ep 71 : Juliane. Indie Film Support and Asian Production.

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Creating, then helping others with their Indy Movie production!


Creative people never have an issue with the making. That’s their passion and what we talk about here on Your Story. Their issues are to fund and promote their creation. And that means getting attention!Film Maker Juliane Block

Independent film maker Juliane Block shares these challenges but has additional skills to help her productions. All good information for indy film makers. She also has a cross cultural experience of  film making in Asia and what that’s like.

We all need help.

There are many things all creative people need for success but much of the time these are the skills they’re lacking. For the independent film maker the challenge is to create but also to fund, market and distribute, leaving them with the task of doing it all. So they have to reach for help. With the development of the digital age the task of getting attention has only become more complicated requiring the skills of a new breed of producer in the PMD that we discussed in Episode 58 of Your Story. [click to continue…]

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Here is a story of the importance of Pointe Shoes

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This is the story of pointes.

It’s not just people who have stories but I had never thought of the importance of Pointe Shoes for a ballet dancer.


Episode 70 : Sophie Pt 2. Gender Change and Transition to a Woman.

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Imagine waking one morning to discover your sex has changed!


On the last episode of Your Story we heard from Sophie, about her time in Berlin from before “The Wall” came down in 1989 to today.

Kreuzberg Bookstore Another Country Books

Sophie at Another Country Books

Today we hear Part 2, a completely different story to what we heard last time, about her amazing story of gender transition and how it all came about and evolved.

Just imagine that!

Imagine waking one day to discover something as fundamental as your gender, which seems to be locked in stone for life, suddenly changing.

Despite the momentum of a lifetime Sophie found herself in this situation and she takes us through how it came about and how she dealt with it along with the reality of what it means to move through transition. This is not the standard story of gender transition that we hear from time to time but a medical condition that has lead to a change but then, as Sophie mentions maybe it was a transition that was always going to happen when the situation was right and the medication was what tip the balance. [click to continue…]


Episode 69 : Sophie Pt 1. 25 years of a British Ex-Pat in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

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Berlin change & Another Country Books.


From the beginning of her time going back to 1987, Sophie has been part of the culture and changes in  Berlin. Back in the day, Berlin was a divided city with “The Wall”, still very much in evidence.

Another country books

Sophie in Another Country Book Shop

Sophie tells us about Berlin before the wall came down and what those dying days of the East/West divide were like. What was it like to live in the city that was the most likely starting ground for WW3 and then what was it like to see the end of the Cold War and the fall of the wall and the changes reunification brought to Berlin?

Another country books

Chatting amongst the books.

While remaining an ex-pat Brit, Sophie has now very much settled as a local in Berlin with her eclectic Another Country English Language Bookshop. A blend of club, reading room, library and book store designed to bring people together, especially those interested in meeting like minded English speakers and travellers. [click to continue…]


Episode 68 : Sebastian. Re-Inventing Insurance using Social Networks

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Using a 350 year old model to create a 50% discounted Peer to Peer insurance scheme.


You hate insurance, I hate insurance, we all hate insurance but we all know, when things go down the toilet, it’s good to have the safety net to help us recover.

Like all of us, Sebastian Herfurth hated insurance also but after deciding he didn’t want to work in law, thought, there had to be a better way for insurance, using the power of modern social networks. This is simply reinventing the forgotten system from the history of insurance of 350 years ago, when friends and colleagues would group together to spread the risk of damages.

Dr. Sebastian Herfurth

Sebastian Herfurth

The reason we don’t like insurance is we’re dealing with a gargantuan, faceless company and we never see benefits unless something goes wrong.

If we’re a good risk we see little benefit.

Sebastian and the team at Friensurance are taking that model of insurance and turning it on its head. If we do the right thing, not to abuse the scheme and make no claims, we’re rewarded with up to a 50% refund of our insurance premium.

This scheme is all about using the opinions and good will of our social network to encourage risk minimisation and avoid people who may defraud the scheme.

It’s simple really…

  1. Buy insurance through Friendsurande from a large traditional provider.
  2. Group a good risk, social network to share the policies.
  3. Claim when needed but not abuse.
  4. If no claims are made, receive a refund of 50% at year’s end.