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Your Story Ep 23 : Rocco. Mime, Personal Robots and Amazing Berlin.


Welcome To Episode 23 of Your Story.


Today we talk with Roco Menzel of Metroccolis who in along with his collaborator Stefan Wabner is a Mime artist performing as Metroccolis.rocco
Now after 14 years developing the skill of mime Rocco is starting to achieve real international success, earning a living and well on the way to achieving the success that is his passion.

Rocco explains that as an nearly unknown art-form there is much more to producing art than seen on stage and it’s necessary to to spend 60% of the time as an office worker to dealing with agents and negotiating the stuff in the background.

Theater of Metroccolis

We discuss the lifestyle of Berlin, the culture and where it is going and the fact that there is still a difference between East and West Berlin and how East Berlin is the vibrant place of growth and change.

His website is metroccolis.com
email is mail@metroccolis.com

There are several YouTube clips of Metroccolis performing but here are a couple for you to look at.

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Robot Tor

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  • Rocco Tuesday, 29 July, 2008, 11:00 pm

    thanks for putting this up! It was a great afternoon!
    And I have to admit, that I mixed up a certain info.
    The missing Metropolis pieces have been found in
    Buenos Aires…not in Mexico! …My famous lack of
    theoretical stuff 🙂
    I wish you ALL the best with your passion!
    Enjoy your journey across Europe!

    Keep in touch,