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Mouseland – A Cautionary Tale.

While watching Michael Moore’s Sicko tonight on YouTube I discover the name of Tommy Douglas (1904-1986), regarded in 2004 as The Greatest Canadian. Now I don’t care who they are but if a country names a single person, particularly  a politician, The Greatest in that country I think there is something probably going for them and maybe they might have something to teach us. So on digging around I discovered this video animation with Tommy’s voice telling the story of Mouseland.

In many countries as the corporations slowly get hold of the governments to do their bidding and we end up with political duopolies where both parties are a subtle shade variation of their political agendas I think old Tommy may have a timely reminder for us.

Here in Australia after having a Liberal Government making moves into introducing an Internet Filter we now have a Labor Government doing similar despite making moves of moving away from such a ludicrous idea prior to their election.

To my disappointment the Rudd Government has turned out to be just another cat.

Wait for the coalitions 😀

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