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The Eight Irresistable Principles Of Fun.

Have you ever noticed how people mask who they really are so they can seem more professional. Sure we do a variety of roll playing in all areas of life, partner, parent, employer or Christmas party clown but some people change profoundly from what they are in their personal life to their professional life, it’s almost like a split personality disorder.

I recently heard the when Oprah was a television news reader she modeled herself on Barbara Walters only to one day loose the persona while news reading, became her true self and the rest is history. This is the first thing that I noticed when I started watching this video but there are a lot more good ideas in this little gem that I found over at Please Feed The Animals. Enjoy 🙂

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  • Adam Daniel Mezei Thursday, 28 January, 2010, 3:33 pm


    Glad you picked up on this one as well. I watched it three times when I’d come across it about a month back, and this time thanks to @chrisbrogan for the hookup.

    Where’s our next interview? ;-P


    ps I had a chance to pass off the Debby in Argentina cast to a girl by the name of Jill Greenberg (off my FB wall) yesterday. She LOVED it and if she gets in touch with you, know that I am somehow to blame. Jill’s based in B.A. as well.

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