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Your Story Listener from Canada.

Recently as mentioned on the show I had an email from Drew in Kelowna B.C. Canada to say hello.

…I am very happy to be able to hear the story’s, people, etc. That you expose. Community is one of the very most important things to build, and uphold. Sharing idea’s, and info in a dialogue, exchange scenario is, I think, helping to create closer communities worldwide that add to our human mosaic in the most positive way possible.

He included this stunning image that he took.  I’m was in awe of how beautiful it looks (especially as we don’t do snow here) and wanted to share it with you.



In a second email he mentions…

…Kelowna has a few small mountains that exist right in the middle of the city, and urban sprawl has us building as high as possible. They’re small mountains, about 8 or 9 hundred metres or so.

Thanks Drew 🙂

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