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Your Story Ep 34 : Rachel. VibeWire. Support for Young Creatives.


Welcome To Episode 34 of Your Story.

Rachel Beaney is a young women working for VibeWire, initially as an intern now full time. Today she explains what VibeWire is about.

VibeWire is an organisation set up to facilitate young creative entrepreneurs to enable them to develop, network and promote themselves. It has resources to help young people explore all manner of creative industries and help co-ordinate with others, connecting the resources with mentoring opportunities to build individual or collaborative projects.rachel

Additional to helping individual artists VibeWire has been running the Reelife Film Festival for six years, with over 23 screenings in six cities featuring over 80 films giving young film makers the opportunity to express their own film making skills and opportunities to collaborate with other skilled artists.

The website is vibewire.org
Rachels email is rachel.beaney@vibewire.org

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  • Adam Daniel Mezei Monday, 11 May, 2009, 2:56 am

    Maybe it’s just me, but she wasn’t really committed to the interview? At least that’s how things sounded on my end…I was expecting perhaps something a little meatier, no?

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