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Your Story Ep 30 : David. Industrial Design, Street Furniture and Helping the Next Generation


Welcome To Episode 30 of Your Story.

Today we talk with David Shaw who as an Industrial Designer with his company Street and Garden Furniture Company shares a little of the life of an industrial David Shawdesigner. We talk of what design is for him with his early attempts at being a manufacturer to eventually realise that designing and out sourcing manufacturing is a better business model.

He mentions his efforts to help the up and coming new designers which enables him to able to give them a chance through his business. Additionally he plans to use the greater space at his premises for display and art purposes to help other people within the community.sbankiot

David has been making Street furniture for decades now, starting at Bradington Young leather furniture company, and to my surprise once he started mentioning where it’s been placed around Australia I realised that I’ve been seeing it everywhere for years.


It’s strange for me to know that street lights, bollards, water bubblers and rubbish bins that I’ve walked past with scant regard all come from David and I just through coincidence happen to ask him onto Your Story.

Update: Another great Industrial Design Story is Ep 63 : Craig. Creating the Best Stove Top Espresso Machine from a Classic

sealyHis website is streetandgarden.com
email is david@streetandgarden.com.au

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  • Adam Daniel Mezei Friday, 2 January, 2009, 10:13 pm


    If I can offer a style tip — the outro was brought in too early here. You could have held off for another minute and the cast wouldn’t have suffered.

    D’s a great guy, tho’ — totally empathize with how he feels about people he’s brought into his design and studio circle stealing some of his better ideas, however…

    Tip of the fedora to you,

  • Sascha Voevodin Monday, 9 February, 2009, 2:07 pm

    Hey Ian,

    Another great episode. It was very surreal for me to chose this podcast to listen to on my morning walk around Surfers Paradise and be walking past the street furniture you and Dave were discussing. Like some kind of personalised guided tour.

    Look forward to your next release.

    //Sascha Voevodin (@saschav)

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