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Visiting Canberra as #HumanBrochure all in one Storify.

Bringing it all together in one place.

I thought it was worth bringing the whole story of Sabina and my trip to Canberra as part of #HumanBrochure in one place. What better way than the best of the audio and images I could find from the greater group of people we meet on the week-end.

Adventure in Canberra for Sabina and Ian.

Ian Kath and daughter Sabina are off for a week-end of Adventure to discover Canberra and meet a heap of new friends thanks to being a ‘Human’ as part of #HumanBrochure

Storified by Ian Kath· Sun, Mar 03 2013 16:43:11

One more week til #humanbrochure Part 2. There’s real excitement and fun preparation in the office ready to welcome you all to #CanberraVisit Canberra
This Coming Friday a bunch of ‘humans’ will be coming to #Canberra to be a part of the #humanbrochure posting everything online as they go!!The News Canberra
Thanks to Australian Capital Tourism’s #HumanBrochure campaign we’re flying to Canberra for three days and two nights seeing some culture, Canberra city and some restaurants & accommodation all with some adventure in the mix. It all starts on Friday 15 Febuary 2013 flying out of Brisbane.

If you want to find out more about Ian or a little about Sabina these are some links for a good place to start.

Itinerary has arrived!! So excited for this adventure weekend!!Bindy Scott

Looks like Canberra is preparing

We have some exciting surprises in store #HumanBrochureCrownePlazaCanberra
One week to go til #humanbrochure part 2 kicks off at the Memorial. We are looking forward to having you all here!!Aust War Memorial

Then I realised what this could mean for Sabina and I…!

A Dad & Daughter Trip to CanberraMaybe our last holiday together, just for being a ‘Human’. With my daughter Sabina now being 21 years old, this will most probably be the…
Looks like perfect tourist weather for #HumanBrochure http://pic.twitter.com/M9THd6nUIan Kath
@iankath Glad to hear you’re looking forward to coming! We’re very much looking forward to having you here tonight! #humanbrochureAust War Memorial

Friday Morning

Waiting to board for the #humanbrochure trip to Canberra. Obligated tweet.Sabina Kath
Waiting for a jet plane. #HumanBrochureIan Kath
Sabina & Ian are off to Canberra for #HumanBrochureAs part of the #HumanBrochure we’re spending a week end in Canberra. 500 humans over two week ends in October and February indulging in w…
RT @fddlgrl: Hanging out in the BNE airport with @IanKath, @ErikVeland, & @cameronreilly of course. Embarking on #humanbrochure Canberra! :)Erik Veland
Happy Human Days as a #HumanBrochure in Canberra.A week-end on indulgence shared on Social Networks I’ve been producing online for a half-dozen years now but it’s rare for me to receive …
Going past the @AWMemorial but with our eyes shut so we don’t get spoilered for tonight. #humanbrochurethat grum guy
@cameronreilly & I have boarded the plane to Canberra! #humanbrochureChrissy Dunaway
@Sabinakath holding court with @cameronreilly @fddlgrl @erikveland & ?Ian Kath

We flew while a few other ‘Humans’ drove from Sydney and the like.

Road trip!!! #humanbrochureAnt & Elise – Positive World Travel
Happy Human Days as a #HumanBrochure in Canberra.A week-end on indulgence shared on Social Networks I’ve been producing online for a half-dozen years now but it’s rare for me to receive …
Hello Canberra. We’re in you. With @sabinakath #humanbrochureIan Kath
Friends at Canberra AirportIan Kath
Welcome to #Canberra #humanbrochureNicole Huber
And of course we got some gifts form #CrownPlazaCanberra.
Arrived at the hotel to some nice little treats! #humanbrochure @ Crowne Plaza http://instagr.am/p/Vu9NE5PKMW/Bindy
And a hand written welcome card!
Welcome to Crowne PlazaIan Kath
FacebookFacebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to ke…
Food’s up. (@ Wagamama) [pic]: http://4sq.com/11JH109Ian Kath
Lunch in Canberra with Ian & SabinaIan Kath
#HumanBrochure Wrist BandIan Kath

Friday Evening

The official welcome to Canberra and the whole week-end was held at the Australian War Memorial.
Australian War MemorialIan Kath
I have blogged a few of my fave pics from today! amyzin.tumblr.com #canberrarulz #awmemorial #humanbrochureAmy Whitfield
Awesome costumes #humanbrochure #awmemorial #canberraSabina Kath
Tonight we went to the Australian War Memorial, #awmemorial. An impressive tribute & informative evening, with great food & wine, & a short film by Peter Jackson. Enjoyed! Christine ❤
@BabycinosRock Pleasure to meet you all last nightIan Kath
Here is @jimmyamerica and I with two of our @AWMemorial #humanbrochure tour guides. I didn’t catch their names so we’ve been referring to them as Sgt. Awesome (army) and Handsome Dan (sailor). Handsome Dan gets his name because he did an awesome jaunty jig for us! #warmemorial #win #igers #canberra #photooftheday #sailor #army #awesomeViolet LeBeaux
What the ‘Humans’ think of the Australian War MemorialAs part of #HumanBrochure for Australian Capital Tourism we were welcomed at the Australian War Memorial and presented with some of what …
We watched an exceptional audio visual presentation of the Australian Fliers in WWl
Really blown away by the @AWMemorial tonight. Absolutely a national treasure. Thank you, #HumanBrochureBen Alcock
What ‘Humans’ think of the Australian War Memorial.Not everyone agrees. As part of the #HumanBrochure campaign for Australian Capital Tourism we were welcomed at the Australian War Memoria…
#humanbrochureYU YE
Later Friday evening a few of us went out for a few drinks and get to know each other a little more.
Sabina is ListeningIan Kath
Connecting with humans & my daughter.Day one of #humanbrochure checking out Aust War Memorial @AEMemorial and spending quality time with @ Sabina kath
BooB #humanbrochureIan Kath

Saturday Morning

A bright and early start and it was off to Mt Stromlo for some mountain biking.
Adventure stream of #HumanBrochure heading off on the bus. From #crownplazacanberraIan Kath
No! There we only minor injuries but they had the Ambos there just in case.
Ambo waiting for the near-dead brochurers. #humanbrochuregrum
Rise & Shine at #StromloForestPark for the #ACT #Tourism #HumanBrochure Weekend! #CanberraCaroline Buchanan
Our trusty steeds at #stromblo #humanbrochureJoni
Nice butt, Pal! @alicewonderlands #humanbrochureAmy Whitfield
Ran into another world champion. Bec Henderson. Any more winners up here? #humanbrochuregavincarver
Climbing Mt Stromlo on Bikes #HumanBrochureIan Kath
Some people freaked when they saw Mitch decked out like this!
One of our adventure hosts had access to a paramedic van and a bit too much time on his hands… #humanbrochureVisit Canberra
Having fun yet you two?
We just mountain biked! #humanbrochuregrum
and what about you too Alice?
ALICE IN MOUNTAIN BIKE WONDERLAND! #safetyfirst #humanbrochure #canberra #mountainbike #fun. Totes #fitspiration.ALICE
My legend group @StromloForest Park for the #ACT #Tourism #HumanBrochure Weekend! @visitcanberra http://pic.twitter.com/0LhUKyNvCaroline Buchanan
As much fun as you could have on two wheels.
Looking out over Canberra with on the mountain bike ride. #humanbrochureLuke Freeman
As a fan of the sciences I felt very sad to see the remains of the old Mt Stromlo Observatory. Fortunately much have now been rebuilt.
Ian with burnt out ObservatoryIan Kath
Allmost everyone, got through the rides unscathed.
Injured humans. #humanbrochuregrum
Young guys with too much Testosterone put on some BMX trick riding for us over the mounds. Impressive to say the least.
Hanging in the clouds #humanbrochuregavincarver
Watching some pro BMX guys doing some awesome tricks #humanbrochureRez Ntoumos

Saturday Lunch

As fine as it looks on the outside with a fresh coat of paint…
Observatory Looks Okay but…Ian Kath
…the observatory is burnt out with the charred remains of the instrument standing as a sad reminder of the 2003 firestorms.
TelescopeIan Kath
Next to the ruins of the burnt out observatory we had lunch at Scope Cafe.
Good place to visit and have a feed #humanbrochureIan Kath
And we ate, and drank, and ate, and drank, and …
New human friends for lunch at Scope #HumanBrochureIan Kath
And slowly the whole valley is regrowing after the fires 10 years ago.
Brilliant view from lunch at Scope Cafe #humanbrochure #foodcoma #canberra ##cleaneating pfftSabina Kath
Mountain biking and hiking Canberra.As part of #HumanBrochure on the adventure stream we Mountain Biked up and down Mt Stromlo then checked out the ruins of the 2003 firesto…

Saturday Afternoon

Mid afternoon after having again too much to eat for lunch it was time to walk through the bush to Mt Ainslie and have a look over Canberra.

Mind you most people were having an afternoon Nanna Nap or lazing by the pool.
Human antics! @iankath #humanbrochurenessclick
Walking up to the top of Mt Ainslie is an easy stroll and well worth the effort to see Canberra from another point of view. There is car access to the top also.
Beautiful autumnal day walking Mt Ainslie #humanbrochureIan Kath
Canberra… its over there.Ian Kath
The view from on high over Canberra is quite spectacular.
Canberra from Mt Ainsley #HumanBrochure.Ian Kath
Don’t miss going up Mt Ainslie even if you drive. It’s quite a view of the whole area around Canberra.

Saturday Evening

In case we were fading after the ride up Mt Stromlo and walk up Mt Ainslie we had to be indulged in even more food. This time for our group it was at Thirst.

Thanks Justin & staff at Thirst for wonderful night of Thai fusion food. Stunning exemplary service. #HumanBrochure http://4sq.com/12TyUxnIan Kath
The humans are having a Thai feeding frenzy at Thirst. #humanbrochureIan Kath
Afterwards, while the others partied, I snuck off to dance some tango with friends.
Dancing a little Tango while here for #humanbrochure (@ Gorman House Arts Centre) [pic]: http://4sq.com/ZhDaWLIan Kath

Sunday Morning

The Amazing Race around Lake Burley Griffin was the activity for Sunday morning.

Briefing for "The Amazing Race" #humanbrochure #adventureIan Kath
Jump on a bicycle and see the sights of Canberra, tagging sites with our cameras while trying to win the prize for the winning team of six.
Sabina riding Amazing RaceIan Kath
A few of us were even lucky enough to have a ride on a Segway. What a hoot!
Segway #humanbrochureLuke Freeman
We were fortunate to have stunning fine cool Autumnal weather for the Amazing Race.
Riding Lake Burley GriffinIan Kath
Arty art farts #humanbrochureLuke Freeman
Dr Fiona Wood #humanbrochureLuke Freeman
We go on plane now? @iankath #wgopn #humanbrochuregrum
Though some were doing it tougher than others just to survive.
After Amazing Race @Grum #ManFlu #humanbrochureIan Kath
Ship of Fools team for the win (if fourth place counts…) #humanbrochureLuke Freeman
After complaining due to poor service from the hotel Grum was placated with a couple of bottles of wine which he gave way for the best drawing of a dinosaur.
For those #humanbrochure kids, check out the super secret Facebook group for instructions on how you can score a bottle of wine ;)that grum guy
I was sure Sabina would win this and so it was…
Surprisingly the Crowne Plaza pencils came in handy #wgopn cheers! #humanbrochureSabina Kath

Sunday Lunch

In case we used up too many kilojoules riding around the lake in the morning we had one final lunch with everyone a short bus trip from the hotel.
Luncheon time #humanbrochureIan Kath
Food glorious food, and wine, and beer, and… Again!
Starter surprise #humanbrochureIan Kath
Oh no. @grum’s lunch but no sign of @grum #humanbrochure #manflu @ Belluci’s http://instagr.am/p/V0JMLIvGrS/ikacy
Then when we thought we’d had all we could take it was time to return to the hotel for more drinks and nibbles.

Sunday Afternoon

Time to say our last farewells…
Parting drinks. End of #HumanBrochureIan Kath
What do the ‘Humans’ think of Canberra and #HumanBrochure?I asked the other ‘Humans’ for their thoughts on #HumanBrochure. I love audio. I mean… I really love audio! As a way of getting the per…
Leaving #crowneplazacanberra for the last time after some good bye drinks. #humanbrochure thanks everyone.Ian Kath

I thought it was worth asking a few of the other Humans what they thought of the #HumanBrochure campaign, the week-end in general and Canberra as a destination for a visit.

Everyone had a great time but not everyone agreed on all topics
The other ‘Humans’ thoughts on #HumanBrochure.I thought it was worth getting the opinions of a few other people on #HumanBrochure from the different streams on their experiences of Ca…
A last audio comment from Ian about the whole HumanBrochure experience and week-end in Canberra
Wrapping up Canberra and #HumanBrochureThree days in Canberra as part of #HumanBrochure with my 21 yo daughter was a wonderful week end. Sure we were being pandered so as to pr…
Good bye Canberra. #humanbrochure (@ Canberra Airport (CBR) w/ @duncanriley @sabinakath @erikveland) [pic]: http://4sq.com/VXTE5dIan Kath
Boarding very shortly.. What a great weekend in Canberra and to all of those who I met.. THANK YOU #humanbrochureSabina Kath

Thanks to everyone at Australian Capital Tourism for organising #HumanBrochure and giving us a chance to have a week-end of indulgence in Canberra.

It was an absolute hoot and a great opportunity for this Dad to spend some quality time his his now adult daughter in ways which made this a very special week-end.

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