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Having fun with my Atomic Coffee Maker.

How much do I love my Atomic!

While I was on The Wolverine at the end of 2012 I had access to a metal buffing machine so thought it was worth giving my trusty Atomic Cappuccino Maker a good clean and refresh. Over time it slowly tarnishes and once every few years it’s nice to return it to it’s brilliant, shiny newness.

Last time I did this while working on Narnia and sadly damaged the label which I wasn’t able to have replaced without taking it personally into Bon Trading. You have to understand, there are copies out there which people label with an Atomic label to then pass off as the real thing, so the good folk at Bon Trading need to see the unit to confirm it’s genuine. Sadly this meant I had to wait until I returned to Sydney which fortunately for me was in 2012.

The moment I dropped my Atomic on the counter I had a surprise reaction from the staff. I don’t think they have seen an atomic that shiny in a good long time. It even scrubbed up better than a new machine after being freshly polished.

We all got raving about it so I asked Irene to tell us a few things about the atomic and its history.

Then as a favour for them I recorded a little impromptu video for them.

Heck why not, I love my atomic and if I can share some of my enthusiasm and encourage others to enjoy this stylish, simple way to make excellent coffee in your life.

Go to Bon Trading and get your own
Atomic Cappuccino Maker here

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