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Your Story Ep 47 : Cliff. Food Allergies and Cancer Treatment from a Life in Science


Welcome To Episode 47 of Your Story.

Cliff Hawkins story is of someone who in helping his own family with food allergies discovers that he has found a mechanism to help the greater community with some of the most damaging and deadly autoimmune diseases and cancers. Only then to be financially destroyed by the greed of a large corporation when he attempted to move his discoveries to the rest of society.

My local, wonderful sour dough bakery, Sol Bread recently started using an additive within some of their range that allow people with gluten intolerance to eat their bread. I immediately wondered how is this possible and what has been created that allows the bread to function during the baking process to still be as good as normal but doesn’t have the negative effects on people with these issues.

As many of us know wheat, dairy, soy and peanut/legume allergies cripple millions of people around the world with ill health effects from irritation to full blown life threatening Anaphylactic Shock and long term health issues.

I tracked down Cliff Hawkins of Biohawk to share with us exactly what he has developed, but I had no idea how deep this rabbit hole was to go.

Cliff explains that most food allergies come from the part of the protein within the food that is designed by nature to protect it from damage so that the plant can continue to utilise it for it’s needs. This protection mechanism unfortunately for some people is the cause of food intolerance.

As with 30% of the Australian population Cliff’s family, with it’s Irish heritage has a gene that reacts to these proteins in harmful ways, creating many dangerous health issues for his children and grand children. He set out 40 years ago to find a food and the relevant enzymes that would achieve the amazing task of neutralising these proteins. Using sound scientific processes gained as a medical research scientist he searched food sources dipping into knowledge known for centuries to discover within the ginger plant, specific enzymes that had the ability to cut out these dangerous proteins rending them harmless and making available all of the protein for digestion. Cliff explained to me that, within the individuals genome there are genes that when turned on, causing an immune response to these specific proteins.

Simply through the use of a natural, whole food in this unique way, Cliff has developed a product that makes the protein easily digested, with better nutritional value, tastier and without any health issues. I have no idea how Cliff has managed to pull this off but he has not synthesised anything or stripped out just the reactive components insofar as creating a substance that could be defined as a medicine but uses the whole ginger food. He has some limited, simple processing which I have no idea of but the essence of his work is that his product is nothing but ginger, so falls into the safety of the Pharmacopoeia as an accepted, approved additive to any food or medicine.

NB. According to the University of Maryland website, ginger has been used as a medicine in Asian, Indian and Arabic herbal traditions since ancient times. In China, ginger has been used to aid digestion and treat stomach upsets, diarrhoea and nausea for more than 2000 years. Ginger is also used by natural health practitioners to treat arthritis, colic, headaches, fever, swelling, heart conditions, the common cold and nausea associated with motion sickness, morning sickness and chemotherapy.

He claims that the more serious health conditions of auto immune diseases have a basis in food allergies caused by creating a hyperimmune system that attacks various parts of the body including diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Autism, Schizophrenia, ADHD, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and many others. These Autoimmune Diseases are due to the immune system sending proteins to make the B cells that make antibodies to attack the the dangerous pathogens disproportional to the threat, meaning the immune system is overreacting. These excess proteins then go on to react with the body, creating the auto immune disease. Cliffs product has the same effect on these proteins by cutting the excess proteins out, reducing them to normal levels, then allowing the body to return to normal.

That same strategy used by plants to protect their energy stores from being broken down are also used by viruses, bacterium and cancers to protect against the immune response of our bodies. These serious pathogens and cancers have a high proportion of these dangerous proteins on their surface which Cliff’s product has the effect of trimming off allowing the body to react and destroy the cells. The Ginger product simply removes their protection, so our immune system can do it’s job and destroy them and the danger.

Though there is ample evidence to show the benefits of Cliffs ginger products they are sold as Aid to Digestion only and the benefits will be dependant on individual circumstances and the conditions being treated.

To understand better how this works from Biohawk here is an explanitary PDF.

Although this is hard science it also has an element of a craft, with a passion in caring for the greater community and realising that nature, in it’s whole has many of the answers for what we need.

Not only are these human health but also animal husbandry issues and like us, many farmed animals are grain fed and have many of these same health problems.  Cliff has discovered that the same health effects can be gained with animal health particularly with race horses, cattle and poultry. With animal health there are direct financial benefits to the owner of the stock justifying the use of the Animal Health range.

Having received his initial training at the prestigious John Curtin School of Medical Research, Cliff  is the former Professor of Chemistry, Dean of Science and Pro-Vice-Chancellor at University of Queensland  (Biological Sciences). This is his Linedkin Profile.

Cliff’s products are available online and through agents and pharmacies. His main products are DigestEasy sold as a solution and Relief both sold as an aid to digestion and Bake Aid.

His website is biohawk.com.au
email is info@biohawk.com.au

To help you understand a little better Christopher’s condition, these are the PET scans mentioned that had been done at the time of our discussion.

Additional Content

I recorded much more detail with Cliff than I was unable to include in this episode. If you would like to go deeper into this story listen here to Cliff with the full recording.


In this episode we also chat with Ant and Natalie about how they dealt with discovering that their 16 year old son Christopher had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and how they used a treatment including Cliff’s product to return him to health. If you like to, listen to the Full Story of Christopher.

In my discussion with Ant & Natalie, they mentioned that they would be happy to assist anyone with additional information by being first contacting me. If you would like to contact them, in the first instance send me an email to chat@YourStoryPodcast.com and I’ll happily pass on your contact  to them so they can contact you in return.

Twelve Common Medicinal Herbs

Mayo Clinic – Ginger

Ginger – Overview

University of Maryland – Ginger

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  • Adam Daniel Mezei Wednesday, 6 January, 2010, 5:38 am

    After listening to a cast like this I’m compelled to ponder what drives people’s lifelong motivations. After all the bureaucratic bunk poor Cliff’s been through with his patented technology — only to have those greasy-taloned greedy dingbats snatch it from his clutches at the 11th-hour — gives me a heightened appreciation for the man and his pioneering exploits. If he can be knocked down this often, only to dust himself off the floor in a move that would impress even the likes of the great George Chuvalo (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Chuvalo) himself, it demands a deeper investigation of the subject matter.

    In fact, what I’m instantly gravitating towards is memories of Colonel Saunders and the KFC secret recipe. Has anyone mentioned to Dr. Hawkins before?

    I see a budding science component to your blog emerging. Science is something you cotton to easily, not to mention speak about eloquently. Care to start bringing aboard folks and guests for the occasional guest post? Especially in the scientific arena? Ask Cliff to do one for you — I’m sure he’d totally go for it. Think about it.

    More from me soon…


    Editors Note – In his usual poetic style here is ADMs Audio Comment

  • Angus Thursday, 7 January, 2010, 1:52 pm

    Ian, well done on finding a great story. I’ll be passing this on to a lot of people I know who are interested in health and healing. Nutrition is a passion for my partner and I and I look forward to catching up with you one of these days and talking more about it.

  • Ant Saturday, 3 April, 2010, 7:37 pm

    Adam, aint it just how it is. Control. Sorry to be so blunt, but do u really think there is any money in the cure for cancer or any disease? No, there is only money in SEARCHING for a cure. And when the search goes on & on & on & on & on….guess what?

    At the end of 18th cent there were about 8 diseases & about 14 cures. Now how many are there? Who benefits? Is polio still around even tho we have had an oral & injected vaccine? You betcha, but it has 8new names. Is polio aloud to be uttered by the medisin-protectors-of-the-holey-greyl? No. Can you say MS? Yes.

    Like globaloney warming-if u dissent you dont know wot u r talkin bout.


  • June Tuesday, 8 March, 2011, 6:42 am

    Thank you so very much for making this interview available to us. What wonderful news and how very thankful we should all be for this man Cliff Hawkins, for his hard work and dedication even through so much adversity. Also a very big thank you to all his family who are working with him without monetary return.

    May this family prosper abundantly, and richest blessings to you for making us aware and for this wonderful family.


  • Janie Thursday, 14 June, 2012, 1:29 pm

    Does anyone know how I can contact Cliff Hawkins by email?? Would reall appreciate an answer as am desperate. Many thanks if you an help me. Regards Janie.

    • iankath Saturday, 16 June, 2012, 5:24 pm

      Hi Janie

      A quick search finds his site or use the links within this post but here it is again http://www.biohawk.com.au/

  • Jeff Sunday, 15 September, 2013, 9:03 pm

    My Story: Recovery from Crohn’s disease and CFS with a reduction of food sensitivity.

    Firstly, I just want to say I was absolutely inspired and intrigued with Cliff Hawkin’s story.

    The following personal testimony might prove helpful to some people, fill in some gaps in explaining why something like the ginger product Cliff has developed is of such vital importance. My story might also inspire people to value their wonderful gift of digestion a little more.

    I’ve had a history of serious autoimmune digestive food allergies that I have battled with for over 20 years that commenced in my late teens. At one point I was skin and bones. My weight dropped down to 53 kilo’s at 189cm tall. The oft repeated saying, “You are what you eat” did not apply to me but rather “You are what you digest”! (I am sure Cliff Hawkins would agree with me here.) The emotional implications were as hard to deal with as the physical implications. In desperation for recovery I literally spent thousands of dollars on “natural” products – many with exaggerated claims – claiming to bring about “miracle cures” but I was let down time and time again. (I do believe there are a very few products that may prove to have some benefit for some people but these are few and far between.) My health hadn’t improved much and there was less money in my wallet. Long story short, applying methods of systemic heavy metal detoxification, strategies to reduce chronic inflammation in the digestive tract and optimizing nutrition for healing, I did secure a reasonable level of recovery that I am happy with. I now consider myself reasonably fit, strong and youthful-looking for my age (probably due consistent attention to sound health habit practices). My weight has since leveled off into the low 60’s – still obviously on the lite side but better than it was. I have transitioned from being on long-term disability to being able to work hard as a remedial massage therapist. In fact, only today for example, I worked almost continuously from 9:30 to 4:00 with only a couple of very short breaks between customers. Yet for years I have been hoping and praying for a solution to far less than optimal digestion that leaves me limited and restricted in what I can eat and what I can do. At times I feel, and in reality know deep down, I’m high maintenance!

    My experience has been, a good variety of quality minimally processed food, sensible sun exposure, moderate exercise, pure soft drinking water, simple orderly life with hygiene, adequate rest, good trusted relationships and emotional balance serve as natures powerful doctors that promote health. On the bright side, I can say through these methods, including determination to be well, trust in divine power, prayer, life-purpose, love and support from friends and the recently adopted practice of daily “earthing” or “grounding”, my health has recovered significantly. However, one thing I have had difficulty optimizing is digestion and assimilation of food- something many healthy people seem to take for granted. After listening to the interviews of Cliff Hawkins I immediately identified with the concepts he mentioned that were common causative factors for many diseases – including mine. The one thing I look for when assessing a new product is effectiveness ACCORDING TO CUSTOMER testimonials and not merely from the producer of those products. What Cliff is offering is not really a product, it is really a whole food, I guess in some ways a “superfood” he uses as a vehicle to unlock some powerful enzymatic properties of nature to significantly assist in digestion of, what are for a growing number of people, problematic foods that would otherwise be healthy. Gluten from wheat or grain products, nuts if you are a vegetarian, and lactose from milk are three examples from foods that frequently cause digestive reactions in immune sensitive individuals.

    From the interviews I heard, when Cliff’s extraordinary food supplement is added to staple foods it will likely prevent or significantly reduce these immune or neurological reactions. This will be music in the ears of those suffering from these complaints.

    One of the first things I am looking forward to do tomorrow is walking into my local pharmacy to purchase some of Cliff’s products. I am hoping it will do what no other product has achieved to any significant degree, and those is pep up my digestive ability so I can possibly gain a few kilo’s when most people are trying to loose it (even 4 or 5 would be great) and therefore bring my health to the next level!!! I am guardedly optimistic!

    Thank you Cliff! I admire men of your scientific and academic expertise who remain humble. From the stories I heard it is evident you are a completely unselfish, large-hearted man that has a clear vision, noble life- purpose and an indomitable passion to serve humanity.

    May God richly bless and keep you, guarding your steps and provide the necessary finance for you and your associates to organize well-conducted clinical trials. – Jeff W, MAROOCHYDORE, QLD Aust.

  • Amanda Martin Tuesday, 9 September, 2014, 9:14 am

    Have started taking your ginger product I have an immune blood condition with a bad skin reactions no answers no treatment in 5years 34year old woman single mum four kids .local forest lake pharmacy said you are the man who may help .live to here from you thankfully amanda

  • Lynda Friday, 16 January, 2015, 5:47 pm

    This is incredibly interesting! Thank you so much for sharing this interview. 🙂

  • M.J.J Wednesday, 4 November, 2015, 8:13 pm

    I am glad that this week I have heard from a Katikati, { New Zealand} naaturopath about Hawkin’s research and products to help with digestion and degenerative disease progression that often afflicts people as they age. I will be exploring this whole health product and research etc. and intend to persue it for my own digestive health and disease prevention.

    I wish I had known about it when my 35 year young daughter was diagnosed 2 years ago with serious mental illness and then latterly a schizophrenia diagnosis, which i read earlier this year in mindfood magazine was being currently thought of as a possible auto-immune condition… and Hawkins considers it so also… The Biohawk products may have been the true help and relief she so wanted and believed would not ever be there. It is so so sad and hard to write that unfortunately she will not be able to try them.
    So I will, and will endeavour to help support my health picture and also help let others that may benefit from them know how to access info and products.

  • Dallas James Cheong Monday, 23 January, 2017, 12:26 pm

    I literally burst into tears a number of times listening to this. I have suffered Chronic Fatigue for 17years, i am half welsh decent and half asian and have intolerance to milk and wheat. I first started suffering from this after contracting Epstein Bar Virus and have not been the same since. In fact I friend of mine who suffered the same fate only days before I discovered this shot himself because of it, he gave up on a cure. The virus literally crosses into your brain and leads to severe depression. I now know that I will reciver thanks to Cliff. I started bio hawk 2 days and I am very optimistic about my recovery, for the first time in 17years of struggle, judgment and a life lived at well below my full potential.

  • Mim Smith Friday, 5 January, 2018, 11:36 am

    Looking for help with prostate cancer

    • iankath Friday, 5 January, 2018, 11:41 am

      Follow the links to BioHawk. Good luck.

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