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Your Story Addendum Ep 17 : Wrapping Up Europe and Returning to Australia


Welcome To Episode Sixteen of Your Story Addendum.

I’ve been nearly eight weeks away from Australia experiencing all that I could of the culture, sights but particularly the people that I met and had a chance to commune with as I drifted from home and country of one person into the life of another. It was an amazing trip as all trips that people do and it was a trip that will impact in ways that I cannot fathom yet. That and getting over a bit of jetlag is the reason that it’s taken a week to get this episode out but here it is.Flickr Set Europe

It’s best to just let you listen to it. I thought about rerecording it but decided to leave it as it is as it shows the confusion that I have about a few things as I continue to settle back in.

I said it on the show but I’ll also say it here, Thanks!

Thanks to everyone who emailed me, connected with me on twitter or commented on the posts or my Flickr photos.

Particularly I want to thank the hospitality and friendships that I was shown from Claudia, Eve & Romy in Berlin. Adam Daniel Mezei in Prague. Todd & Rozzen in Vannes and Madeline in London.

Thanks all, you know what you mean to me.

I’m as interested as anyone to know where this is going so let’s hang on and see what happens. I’m already planning for the next trip but more later.


Reichstag Fire


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  • Adam Daniel Mezei Thursday, 11 September, 2008, 5:45 pm

    Dear I-Rock,

    This was as stellar as an Addendum as I’ve ever heard you press index finger to red button and raise mic to lips to record. 🙂 Oh yeah…

    What a majestic summary!

    I was with you — wave stride for wave stride — as you leaned back in your wicker/rattan chair with a Becherovka, surveying the expanse of your delightful Australian corner of the Universe.

    I, too, jointly exhaled with you, good brother, and sat back, listening…impressed by the way you were able to encapsulate your meanderings across the Continent with such aplomb. Amen, amen, and again…amen.

    There couldn’t be a more fitting ending to this first — in what will be several — sojourns to the Sometimes Bloody Continent…I love the line about how “…I just love our Australian culture.” Kudos and salutations! That did it for me — hit me in the soft solar plexus, as it were, made me think about the life I lead in the place where I call home, where I rest my head, my hat, and my container of hair gel.

    This was fun — I’m having a squizz at you pic stream now, and getting a gelatinous white-balled eyeful of what’s on offer…an eye for the camera you indeed have, Sir Kath (which I from now on will refer to as “kat”).

    You will NOT pay for accommodations again during your time in town…you will be staying on the house. Please forgive that terrible bout of impetuosity on my part. I feel like a left breast…

    Signed and most sincerely,
    I remain,
    The 3-Lettered Humanoid,
    Adam Daniel Mezei
    Prague, Eternal Capital of the Former Czechoslovakia