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Your Story Addendum Ep 15 : Shakespeare’s Globe and War Memorials


Welcome To Episode 10 of Your Story Addendum.

Canadian War MemorialFor a reason that I don’t understand I have an affinity towardsNew Zealand War Memorial the sacrifices made by the Australian troops particularly in World War One. So while here in London I went on a mission to see the Australian War Memorial at Hyde Park Corner.

On the way I was surprised to discovered the Canadian memorial in Green Park and the New Zealand war Aust Memorial Detailmemorial near the Australian Memorial. Around these old British colonies war memorials is the grandiose memorials of old empire and militarism. The comparison for me was profound and I thought it was worth a comment.

Later in the day I had an opportunity to attend a performance at Shakespeare’s Globe of The Merry Wives of Windsor. I had a wonderful time laughing at a classic play performed in period Elizabethan costume in the worlds only open air Elizabethan play house . The costumes were impeccable in construction and function. The acting was the best in the world. The building that is the theatre is awesome in its style, function and construction.Australian War Memorial

The entire night was truly a wonderful experence in every way and I would strongly suggest that it’s a must see if visiting London.

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