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Your Story Addendum Ep 11 : Prague, An Overview


Welcome To Episode 10 of Your Story Addendum.Downtown Prague

I’ve been in Prague, Czech Republic for a couple of days and I thought that a brief overview of my time so far would be appropriate.

Ian in PragueI’ve been having a wonderful time courtesy of Adam Daniel Mezei who is showing me around the Golden City. The lanes of PragueThe cool and the seedy, helping me to avoid being ripped off and talking for me so that I’m able to do some of the things, order drinks and food that the locals consume that are a challenge for a tourist.

Thanks Adam.

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  • Adam Daniel Mezei Monday, 4 August, 2008, 12:43 pm


    Thanks for the props, m’man…I love ’em photos…tell me what you think of the batch I just sent your way…


  • Adam Daniel Mezei Monday, 4 August, 2008, 9:21 pm

    Ian, like we’d chatted about during our discussion in Petrin Park, I believe there is a sort of dynamism, although not of the same character as the one you discovered whilst in Berlin.

    Here’s why Berlin might be different:

    ** Berlin had been an independent enclave surrounded by the former GDR for more than 40 years. Berliners were not conscripted into the West German army, and had special responsibilities and rights as Berliners that most Germans never even had. Praguers and Czechs never had a similar situation…knock #1 which hammers the Czech psyche.

    ** Berliners lived in a divided city — not only were they surrounded by the former East Germany, but their *entire city* was sliced in two. Praguers, for example, never had such a similar situation in their city at any time in the capital’s history.

    ** Berlin was half-Communist, half-“free.” As such, when the two sides came together, the free side overtook the former un-free side, thereby injecting the dynamism you talk about…

    Those are just some first-look answers I was thinking about when I read your line…


  • Lynda420 Monday, 4 August, 2008, 3:16 pm

    i believe that prague is one of the most beautiful cities in europe….you still gotta check out budapest (my number one :)) but prague is just sooo adorable…so historic and yet promising for more to come…dont you agree?

  • Ian Monday, 4 August, 2008, 7:49 pm

    @linda420 I agree with the beauty and history of Prague but I didn’t feel the vitality that I felt in Berlin. I wonder if they are trapped in their history rather than moving to a brave new future.