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Your Story Addendum Ep 10 : Good Bye Berlin, Germany


Welcome To Episode 10 of Your Story Addendum.Train Travel to Prague

While travelling through the Chez Republic on the train on my way to Prague I thought it would be opportune to put out another episode of Addendum to wrap up my thoughts on Berlin.

Good Bye From EveThere isn’t much to say here I say it all on the podcast.

Good Bye Berlin, you were wonderful to me.

Thanks you to Claudia, Eve and Romy for your love and care for helping me around your home towns. It was an amazing time. Pool by Night in the Spree River

With more experience in doing this podcast and developing the skills needed to kick a few goals. I promise I’ll be back

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  • eve Saturday, 2 August, 2008, 3:44 pm

    you can see my bike on the foto! my bike is online!!!!!!
    we miss u here in deutschland. but hope very much that u enjoy prague and all that is to come! love the saxfoto! magical places out there…

  • Nicky and Susanne Sunday, 3 August, 2008, 7:25 pm

    Hi Ian, say hi to Adam for us! And thanks for giving such a great account on your podcast of our meeting last Monday evening. Not sure where you are headed next, but if your travels bring you back to Berlin do give us call. We owe you dinner!
    Nicky and Susanne

  • claudia Wednesday, 10 September, 2008, 5:23 am

    it was absolutely wonderful having you in europia, especially in berlin.
    and you can be sure,
    it is just as hard for us getting on with life here without you,
    as it must be for you being back to normal…

    looking forward to seeing you again,
    hugs and kisses,