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Getting There Bit by Bit

It’s been a couple of weeks and I’m still plodding away at the technology.

Yesterday I managed to get a fair bit done in garageband with the opening and the voice over introduction. It’s not brilliant but it’s a start and I’ll definitely be changing things as time goes by but I’ve realised if I take too long to get it right I’ll never get it underway. Also I realised that the best way to learn is to get started and fumble along the way and improve as I go so that is the philosophy I’m taking.

Today I was listening to the latest episode of Podcasting Underground and Jason mentioned using feedburner and the correct way to link it to my WordPress blog attached to my own domain which I now have over at Libsyn.

Wow! I’m going to have to set a bit of serious time aside to get my head around on how to get my blog over to Libsyn then link it back to Feedburner so that when I eventually post the podcast onto it the feeds will correctly feed through the way that they are supposed to go. God am I rambling… Yep. I’m not sure how all this works so I’ll just leave it for now and come back later.

I’ve also organized another two interviews so at least I’m slowly getting the raw material together. Bit by bit it’s all coalescing out of the fog but what it’s taking shape into I’m not sure. Stay tuned…

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