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Involved in a chat on G’Day World

Last night I got on my less than 24 hour old twitter account that I only have two friends on and I find out that Cameron Reily is about to do a skype conference with his Sunday night chat version of G’Day World so I thought I listen to him a lot and why not get on or at least listen.

I got pulled in to the call after just setting up my mic and interface again. I haven’t used it during a skype call before and I wasn’t sure how well or how to set it all up when all of a sudden I’m on and in the chat. After a bit of fiddling in the background with levels and pulling my headphones out of the mixer and plugging into the speakers I got it running ok but I want to improve things as I couldn’t monitor myself very well.

I haven’t been involved in that sort of opinionated conference with people I don’t know before so I felt a bit overwhelmed and a little nervous as I know it will go out as a podcast in the next couple of days and remain in the either for ever.

What it was though is a good exercise in doing this whole interaction/broadcasting thing and I feel that I should take the opportunity to do these whenever possible to hone my skills. I have so much to learn it’s overwhelming at times.

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