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Wanting to Work then the Technology goes Down

I’m excited and just a lot nervous as I’m using the information from Jason Van Orden on his Podcasting University site to help me set this up correctly and as mentioned previously I’m no geek so I’m going slowly, slowly!

So here I am still trying to get the knack of how all this works and today I decided to clean a few things up.

1. Get a feedburner account.
2. Get a libsyn account

To do that I need to tidy up this blog as I’m not too happy with the url as it is yourstorypod which I haven’t really liked so it’s only subtle but it is now going to be yourstorypodcast. Both of these I have here at wordpress.

So I need to move yourstorypod over to yourstorypodcast which is easy enough so just as I start the process the wordpress server goes down… Bugger!!

Now this delay is preventing me getting a feedburner account which is preventing me setting up my libsyn account… Bugger!!

So I’ll just have to wait until they get their act together and I can do the work and get it done. Then I’ll cut, paste and post this.

Bit by Bit I’m getting there…

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