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Oh, To be a geek.

In the last four days i’ve managed to spend a lot more time on the mac working out how to do this podcast thing. I now have three conversations recorded and I’ve done a rough edit on my conversation with Shannon who I was fortunate enough to work with earlier in the year. So far I’ve just chopped all the crud out of the chat so it’s more sensible to listen to mainly regarding her quick career path into the film industry. Hopefully you will see that in a short while.

What I’ve realised today is that I’m starting from an incredibly low knowledge base. Everyone that I’m listening to in podcasting seem to be involved in at least one and often many of the skills required to pull this off. Sure I know that if I wanted to I could have just used my iMacs’ built in mic, done a rough and ready recording and posted it to .Mac but I would have to at least know a bit about garageband. However I want this to be good so I’ve had to get this blog, get a decent field recorder, learn interviewing skills, microphone & interface, understand Garageband to get a good mix then post it and organise all the necessary links so people can find me. Wow! And for me typing is a skill I’m quickly getting better at let alone all the geeky stuff.

Don’t get me wrong I’m thriving on the challenge and I’m excited to pull this off it’s just a very steep learning curve and I’d like to be moving a bit faster.

As a mentoring exercise I’m using Mysterious Universe as an example of the quality I’d hope to achieve in time but even so I found out today that Ben is a sound engineer, so that explains why he sounds so good.

Hang in there Ian I say, I’m getting there one lesson at a time

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  • Benjamin Grundy Wednesday, 22 August, 2007, 12:08 am

    Good luck! My first couple of podcasts sounded good in terms of quality but to listen to them now makes me shudder. If you have good content as a starting point the people will listen. Good recording quality will come with experience (and sometimes expensive equipment!)

    Drop me an email if you ever need any help 😉