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First Episode is up!!! but not really…

Well I just uploaded my first podcast. Unfortunately I’m still working how to pull it all together.

I’ve a domain over at libsyn(yourstorypodcast.com) and they give me a blog to host my podcast onto so I’ve posted my first episode there following their directions and the vidcast that Heidi Miller did.

The problem is I want to get this blog page over there to libsyn or a link back to here. I actually don’t quite know what I have to do but what I want is for someone to punch in yourstorypodcast.com and get this blog and the podcast episode is sitting there. Then when someone gets the feed which I want to send through feed burner I get the statistics and they get the podcast and all they have seen is this site as a blog and web page. I also haven’t got an email set up that is user friendly I want something like ian@yourstorypodcast.com but at the moment I’ve got to put up with yourstory@internode.on.net which is the one I have through my ISP.

For all of these reasons I’m not officially launching or posting to all of the networks as I’m not set up but I thought that the next logical thing to do was to get done what I can do and fix it to make it work as I understand it more.

How do I get this wordpress blog over to libsyn and get it working???

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