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I don’t care what they say! This is not easy!!!

Ok, maybe I’m just thick. But I get a libsyn account thinking that is where I’ll host my domain. But it seems that is where my podcast is going to be based. Then I set up a feed burner account and to burn my feeds through and in setting up the SmartCast feature they want me to post the image location. How should I know. My images are in my folders thats all I know.

I still don’t have any idea how to get the links over here to this blog let alone how to make it all so you only have to get here by punching yourstorypodcast.com, which will only get you to the podcast over at libsyn on the boring page and bypass feedburner anyway and you would never even get here.

This technology is a long way from being user friendly.

My analogy of this age is being like the early days of the cars is still correct. You have to be a qualified mechanic to really know how to drive this stuff.

Oh to be a Geek!!!

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