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Your Story Ep 33 : Gavin. Social Networking, Public Relations and Conversations.


Welcome To Episode 33 of Your Story.

Today we talk with Gavin Heaton who as Servant of Chaos is one of the better respected Internet 2.0, Social Networking and Public Relations experts in Australia.

Gavin Heaton

Gavin Heaton

When getting involved in this world of Social Networking it’s important to have the runs on the boards which Gavin has with 10+ years of working with many organisations in Australia, however it’s more important to have the passion for the subject to go with the knowledge and Gavin shows us the knowledge and enthusiasm he has for Social Networking both online and offline.

Online he’s active on all the Social Networking platforms and offline he’s the one who invited me to meet a group of the Sydney online community at the Friday morning Single Origin coffee morning in Surry Hills.

On a personal note it was wonderful to meet many people that I knew from online in the flesh and to meet new people who I now follow online. There is something wonderful with putting a face to the personality that is gained online and it’s good to get away from the computer and connect with folk for real.

Gavin spends time sharing the essence of the way social media works and how we all can interact in this new world no matter if we are an individual, company or government. He explains the Social Network behaviours and then the social judgements that develop because of the interconnection that you have with other people in your field of influence.

Importantly he explains why participation is necessary to make the connections that lead to these relationships and how making yourself real in the social world of the web creates the information that are your footprints on the internet.

During this episode Gavin mentions being inspired by The Cluetrain Manifesto and using it to create a presentation inspired by the images taken by his children. Here is that presentation.

His website is servantofchaos.com
email is servant@servantofchaos.com

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  • Ross Hill Wednesday, 15 April, 2009, 9:55 pm

    I listened to this interview the other day and loved it. You raised some really interesting points.. I’m going to have to trip up to Sydney again soon to check out this Single Origin event and a few others I think.

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