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Street Musicians of Berlin.

Back in July when I was staying with the wonderful Romy she would mention from time to time that during the summer months musicians would wander the streets filling the air with exotic carnival sounds looking for donations and adding to the general festive atmosphere that is Berlin during the these months.

Well, quite a few times she brought this up but they never arrived and I started to pay out on her that they didn’t really exist and that she said this just to make Berlin sound more interesting or to encourage people to come and stay with her. The same complaint was made by many of her friends as they had never seen them either when she mentioned that they were about which added more fuel to the fire of my good natured ribbing that I was giving her.

Then one day this happened…

So now we know.

Romy is correct and the added atmosphere that they give to the streets of Berlin is something that lingers in my memory as I look back on this video of my time with her in Berlin.

Thanks again Romy 🙂

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