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Your Story Ep 19 : Timb. Professional Piercing and Body Modification Technician


Welcome To Episode 19 of Your Story.

timbIn Episode 18 we saw a video that I posted and later spoke with Mel while she was cut for a scar by Timb Wilton.

So in order to flush out his story we get to understand a little better how it is to be a practitioner of body piercing, scaring and body modification.

Timb explains how he came into the field and developed the skills that have lead him to be now practicing as a professional.

If you want to see his handy work go to Episode 18 and watch him as he carefully cuts a scar for Mel.

His website is thirdeyetattoostudio.com
email is timbwilton@gmail.com

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  • Danacea Tuesday, 3 June, 2008, 4:48 pm

    Followed this and the previous post in fascination – beautifully done 🙂