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Your Story Ep 18 : Mel. Tattoo, Scarification, Suspension and Body Modification


Welcome To Episode 18 of Your Story.

Today we talk with Mel Poudroux who I meet while working on Fools Gold at the Warner Brothers Film Studio on the Gold Coast as a Prop Maker in 2007. The moment I meet Mel I couldn’t miss the fact that she is covered in tattoos and piercings not to mention a bit of a comfortable attitude to the way she wants to live her life.

Piercings in Chest

So as I was in Melbourne I knew that Mel was one of those people that I had to contact to get her story. She was enthusiast to get her thoughts out and fortunately she was ready to have her first scar cut to add to the tattoos and piercings so she invited me to meet Timb Wilton and watch him cut this scar. Well I had to video this for you to see and give all a chance to understand a little of this culture.

I videoed this with my Still Camera not a video camera and frankly the Cannon G9 does a pretty good job but it’s not as good as a video camera so I’ll be getting one before the Europe trip next month. This is also my first attempt at editing in iMove and I’ll continue to learn as time goes by and get better but I think it gets the message across quite well.

“WARNING” The Video and Images Below are Intense.You have been WARNED!

Here is that video of Mel getting cut for here scar.

Mel also mentions that she has an interest in suspension if your interested here are some images of her experiences.

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Fore Arm PiercingInverted Crucifix

Shark Hooks in BackPierced kneeKnee Piercing Loaded

NiN The Slip

The Slip

The music track used is Discipline from Nine Inch Nails.

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