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Optus! Get Your Act Together.

I’ve been with Optus for my mobile Phone for 15 years but lately I’m afraid they are starting to let me down.

It started when I signed for a new contract on 18 March. Included was a 2 Gb data plan. When I got my first bill I was charged as if I didn’t have a data plan, i.e. free 5 Mb then excess fees for all data over the 5 Mb.

So I went to sort the problem before the next billing cycle ends and the overcharging gets out of hand. The phone call to Optus said I’ll need to got to the store that I went through. Bad luck for me that Optus World has closed so I had to go to another to sort it. After several weeks of my information being missed/lost or the system just not being able to deal with it because I was in a Que. another billing cycle ended. With data charges of… Are you ready, $20550.

I wasn’t fazed as I had started to fix the issues but come on guys get your act together.

Now I’m six days from leaving the country so I call them to sort it out. The soldier on the front line (who I never pick on, poor bastards) was very helpful and is doing all that he can but he is on notice to fix it by Thursday so it doesn’t go to the next billing cycle and the next two months that I’m away. Unfortunately due to the fees being so high now it has to go to management and they can’t promise when it will be resolved. And all I want to do is pay the bills that I owe, I want to give them my money.

So I wait…

But I also found that I’ve been charged for two handset insurance’s, one for my previous handset and one for my new handset. Can I cancel it, no, not over the phone.

I can sign up, make an audio contract over the phone but I can’t cancel over the phone.

Okay so I’ll have to write a letter to cancel, I’ll send the email to???

No! I can’t send and email, I have to send by fax or mail.




The second largest telco in Australia and you can’t receive an email. Your promoting the use of the internet and this happens, you can’t give me the data plan I signed up for, then cock up fixing it and to add insult to injury, for me to end the second insurance contract I have to revert to technology between 30 and 500 years old.

Optus, cutting edge communication.

Well done!

Today 2/7/08 the issue was resolved with one person namely the wonderful individual at Optus who took it onto himself to give me the personal service required and determination to fix this issue. To him I say thankyou to the Optus itself… well it’s expected of large organisations isn’t it?

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