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Your Story Ep 17 : Craig. Sidecars, Cafe Racers and Heavy Engineering.


Welcome To Episode 17 of Your Story.

Today we talk with Craig Longhurst who I met recently in a short discussion one night with friends overCraig Longhurst a beer.

Craig showed intense passion for racing Sidecars of which I know nothing about but I found out that he is also into building Cafe Racers along with his work as a fitter repairing large turbines used in power generation throughout Australia.

Craig giving us a small insight into the world of Sidecarheavy engineering and the passion that some have for building things that they can use to move them in some of the most exciting ways. These are the mechanical trades.

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  • Tony Voevodin Thursday, 29 May, 2008, 9:30 pm

    Hey Ian,
    I’m so glad you caught up with Craig,
    I enjoyed the Podcast, and it made me smile.
    I couldn’t help feeling as though we had found a treasure chest and were admiring its qualities, but for one reason or another, the treasure chest was never actually opened to reveal all that sparkles inside.

    But to be fair, I know Craig, and I didn’t have a clue about what sort of an impressive person he actually is till I had spent many months and now years, crossing paths and riding with him, and talking about the world we live in or more precisely, how we percieve the world which we live in and why.

    My first impressions of Craig were very “Judge a book by its cover” {I’m embarrassed to say}. But I quickly noticed that I was wrong, and THAT realisation opened my scope to appreciate many other people I have met, Ironically, almost totally independant of my link with Craig, many of those people are actually closely connected with Craigs life today, although filmmaking does play a part in that too, and I believe I also heard you mention that one of them would also be on your show, Not mentioning any names but she does like to hang around in odd places.

    I have learnt so much from Craig, admittedly much of that was also by observing what he did not say, and even just sometimes the glint in the eye of an enthusiastic young boy seen in the eye, still alive and kicking in a life loving man. {Perhaps not the sort of thing that can be captured fully in an Audio podcast.}

    If I had to pick 5 people to be the only 5 people I could enjoy the company of,ever, You and Craig would be on that list, Some of the most incredible conversations I have ever had have been with each of you.
    Keep up the Great work, I love seeing my Ipod updated with the new “Your Story Podcast” and really look forward to hearing about your adventures in Europe.