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European Odyssey July – August ’08

Your Story is going to Europe.

I’m an Australian man with all the traditional western views laid down from being raised in Australia and I wish to take these eyes and attitude and see how others live there lives then show others that there are 6 Billion ways that we do this thing called humanity.

So as an initial step along this path I’m taking Your Story to Europe.

EuropeIn July and August 2008 I’m travelling to Europe to find interesting stories and bring them to you through this podcast.

Initially I’m travelling to Germany to explore the lives in that country. I have a particular interest in what I’ve observed as a uniquely German cultural trait of a Collective Guilt over the events of World War 2. I also find the technological assets of the German psyche fascinating and hope that I may find some interesting technicians in the world of engineering, manufacturing or the sciences.

Berlin is a city I want to explore and discover the unusual world that I know is buried below the surface of that city. A culture of exciting differences that are growing up out of the fall of the Berlin Wall not 20 years ago. I can only wonder what may await me down some of those dark alleys.

From Berlin I want to travel overland to France then hop over to London, Great Britain.

All the way I want to explore the culture, history and the everyday differences that I observe and are shared with me. I want to do this in a few different ways.

  • Continue to produce Your Story podcast episodes in the current format.
  • Where required add several still images of people and events of interest.
  • Video presentations of interesting activities that people are involved with.
  • Running short audio commentary on my observations and experiences as I travel.

If all goes well with my preparation and the necessary skills that I need you will hopefully have and interesting experience in following me as I explore the people and places I visit and where you find it interesting you will be able to linger and listen to the podcast eposides that grabs your attention. That is at least my goal. We’ll all see if I can pull this off.

I’ve chosen these countries simply because I know some people there and that is a good place as any to start. But I need more help.

If you know of people and your interested in sharing them with the world I’d appreciate if you could let me know and if it’s possible I may be able to catch up with them and include them on Your Story.

I can be contacted at chat@yourstorypodcast.com.

If you have also places of interest that you think may be worth checking out also let me know. I’m not promising anything but all ideas are welcome.

Thanks for all your support. 🙂

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