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A New Year and the Change Continues

What are you going to achieve this year? Will there be a change or more of the same old, same old…

This time last year I thought “I hope something interesting happens this year” as I had most years and like most years I was dreading that like at the end of ’06 nothing would change. But what would I have to do to create that change.

Then the concept of doing this podcast was just starting to form out of the mist of my mind and I didn’t really know about it. I felt optimistic that something would happen but that’s how I feel every year.

Well it was a different year. the first different year in many years.

First I dreamt up the idea of this podcast then I had the reinforcement of everytime I moved I received another bit of motivation from things that seemed to pop out of the ether to remind me that this is a good idea for me much like when your looking for a new car you see them everywhere because that is where your focus is.

I must say that one of the strongest motivations was Cameron Reilly’s podcast way back in May where he challenged us to Get Off The Bench which rung true to me and kept me focused. On reflection it’s still a motivation for me now. How do we change our world and if we are, to what are we going to change it into?

So for this year I have some plans.

  • Keep this podcast and blog developing as I learn more about this technology and skills
  • Continue to meet interesting people and get their stories out there
  • Look for every opportunity for me to be able to move in a direction that means that I can spend more time and get more finished content out there
  • Develop a way that I can fund this either from it or to support it

I have some plans for travel and I want to add a culturally different spin on the programme to reinforce the underlying theme that although we are all different we are all the same in the most fundamental ways and that through understand the personal stories the myths that we hear of others will fall away.

Another year awaits lets see where it leads.

P.S. Thanks to everyone for their support. It’s great to know your out there while I work in this vacuum.

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  • Luis Thursday, 24 January, 2008, 7:29 am

    Hi Ian !
    I would like to say thank you for your words. I believe that everybody will experience the same challenges working with new technologies. Even in a differente language I notice that there is a similar scenario for digital learners.
    Here in Regina I am working in a Latin Show on CJTR. I would like to share with you our Podcast http://rinconlatino.mypodcast.com/ . I think that this is an example about how the Internet is useful for minorities as cultural groups.
    See You