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A Quality Podcast Takes Time to Prepare

Still I plod away at getting my podcast up and running.

Ever week I think I’m just a half day away from posting and then something comes along to sabotage me. The latest is that after having my sites tidied up so they are separated on my server and the podcast blog is in the .com url I find that I can’t access my blogs as the password doesn’t work and for some reason when I get a new password it doesn’t work either. So I’m hoping that I can get the help again to fix that.

So yesterday I decided to make a new opening intro and I went out and got some sounds on my Zoom H4 recorder, which is a top little unit, but when I get home to transfer to my mac it won’t see it on the desktop so I can’t access the files on the recorder. Bugger! I didn’t have this issue before but now on Leopard, well… Bugger! I’ll just have to wait till apple resolves this I suppose 🙁

So still I plug away every week learning more about this technology and get a little closer to being able to get it up and running. One day I’ll have all the issues resolved and I can concentrate on what I really want to do… Make an awesome podcast about Your Story.

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